Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein: Master

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Woo! I received the master 3D print for The Frankenstein designed by Adrian Smith and 3D modeled by Rishi Nandlaskar in the post today. I immediately cracked open the box and started putting it together and I must say that this kit is BAD-ASS! Frankie stands about 12″ tall (not including the base) and is very heavy and beefy with the muscles and armor. This kit doesn’t have a scale as it was based on an existing 3D print, but I would say, considering his massive size, that he’d be about 1-8 scale.

Frankie Unmasked!

Until now I have never seen the back of this model or all of the details so when I opened the box and started removing the foam I was in for a surprise. I had thought that the helmet was molded on, but in fact it’s a separate part and Frankenstein has a fully-detailedhead/face beneath it. There’s a peg hole i the top of the head, but one could easily fill that with putty if they wanted a helmetless Frankie.

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The kit consists of 54 parts so far. I need to order scale chain mail and chain for the mace to include in the box. Due to all the parts and detail, I need to create the instructions for him before he goes to the caster so expect him to be released in March or April. Until then, enjoy these pics!

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