A Steampunk Costume Contest Winner!

The winner and undisputed champion is…

To be announced in a bit… first let’s play the reality TV game and not get right to the point shall we? Sorry for not getting these results up sooner. I’ve been pretty much inundated here at iMech central and haven’t had a chance. I had also given the Collaborator judges until July 5th to submit their results. I did the tallies yesterday based on the three divisions: Public Poll, Select Collaborators, and Contestant Votes.

Public Tally: This was based on the poll seen here.
Collaborators Tally: I asked about 10  trusted collaborators/staff to vote based on what would make for the best kit. Point values were: 1st 3pts, 2nd 2pts, and 3rd choice 1 pt. Thanks to Ian McQue, Rishi Nandlaskar, Derek Stenning, and Brent Curtis! All of whom have opinions I value.
Contestant Tally: Each contestant got to vote for 3 entrants worth 1 point each.

Actual Scores:

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Congrats to our winner: Chris Lee!

Chris got the top score in each caregory making him the hands-down winner. Chris will get his likeness made into a 1/35 scale figure kit. (2in. / 50mm tall) Chris wins his likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (50mm) figure kit. Two copies of your kit with the option to have one pre-painted by a figure modeler. Also one copy of the upcoming Squid-Shaped Submersible model kit.

Character Name: Dr. Mortimer J. Torque, Inventor, Tinkerer, and Steamologist of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: SOFT: Soft pieces similar to gentleman of the day include boots, pants, fancy button up shirt w/ sleeve holders, vest and top hat.
GEAR: Gear is all found and repurposed objects. The Portable Power Pack is designed to generate steam on demand for The Device (an energy field detector). The pack derives its power from a vertically-mounted Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator which provides the wattage to heat the water in the small boiler at the bottom of the rig. The steam can then be safely dispensed as needed to the other team members’s weapons and gear through the removable high-pressure injectors, shown hanging on the left of each pack in the photos.
OTHER: Signature pieces include brass duck head cane and goggles, gun and holster belt, plus skeleton keys for accessing various areas of his secret laboratory. Famous for several mechanical inventions such as Scrappington Hauley (mechanical mule), H.A.R.O.L.D.E. (Heavy Ambulatory Rider Operated Load Dispatching Equipment, steam powered exosuit), and A.T.T. (Automatic Torque Telegrapher, communication device). (If chosen, can send photos of each of these as a larger accessory reference.)

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Runners Up »

As stated a few will be chosen, not based on the voting, but on what we think our customers would like as a kit. These choices are still TBD (although I have at least 2 in mind already, pending contact with contetants) and will be based on what looks best, can get the most use in a variety of scenes, etc… and will be determined by Industria Mechanika. It is not based on the voting scores as iMech did not participate in the actual voting.  Those entrants will receive: Their own runner-up’s likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (2in. / 50mm) figure kit. Two copies of the runner-up kit.


Thanks to all of the entrants for showing off their amazing costumes. We’ll certainly do this again in the future as we like to promote artists, modelers, sculptors, and their original works.