iMech News 7.5.2012

Chompbot #5 Print Materials »

[singlepic id=779 w=420 h= float=]

Thought you’d like to see the print works for the upcoming Chompbot #5 release. Still working on the labels/instructions for the figures, but these are done and out the door. (there was corrections made to these prior to print if you can see the errors. 😉 )

[singlepic id=778 w=420 h= float=]

As you can see the cover of the instructions is also a frame-able print of Jake Parkers Chompbot/Trooper art! We’ll roll these instead of folding them to place into the boxes of course.

The master for the bot is at BLAP Models for casting and the figures are at Collapse Industries. When they’re close to all ready, we’ll start the preorder for these. Probably next month (August 2012) as we’re still playing catch-up.

Futuristic Figures Coming Soon! »

You may have seen these posted on the Futuristic Facebook page. These figures have been 3D sculpted by David Richardson based on designs by Walter Pezalli and Vincent Roucher (Of Stan and Vince). They’ll be available initially in 1/20 scale to go with the Futuristic Robots (available here) with the potential for a 1/35 scale release as well. Here are some preliminary shots. Almost done… just tweaking the poses and equipment.

[singlepic id=780 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=781 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=782 w=420 h= float=]

Steampunk Contest Voting »

Voting is done for the Steampunk Costume Contest. I’m tallying the results and will let everyone know the winner ASAP!

Preordered Item Updates! »

First up is the preorder info. I have several casters working diligently on getting these done so that I can get them out the door and into your hands.
Sasha 1/35:
All 1/35 Sashas have shipped UNLESS they’re paired with a 1/35 Deckhands set and need shipped together.
Sasha 1/32:
Replacement casts shipped 6.20.2012 to those of you that filled out the replacement form.
Deckhands 1/35: The box of casts was lost in the mail almost 3 weeks ago. We’re working on the next batch as fast as we can. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.
Deckhands 1/24:
Waiting on casts Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.

Upcoming Preorders »

Remora 3rd Edition: Preorder Remora here »
Frankenstein 1st Edition: Preorder Frankenstein here »
Other upcoming preorder items: Chompbot #5, Chomp TroopersSasha 1/24, Barrio Guy 1/35, Barrio Guy 1/24, Orbship, and Dustbuster.

Restocks! »

Sasha 1/35: Next batch coming soon for preorder!
Hornethopter: Lots of interest in this little beastie after we sold the last 10 at Wonderfest. I’ll attempt to restock these in August or September…. need to get some of our new scheduled releases out the door first.
FichtenFoo’s Fish-Shaped Submersible: Gave the master back to the caster to start molding for a 6th run! Planning to restock this one early Fall 2012.
Kastor: Same as the Hornethopter… planning to restock this one early Fall 2012.

Fill out the Notify Me to get info when a preorder is available.