Ian McQue’s ‘Sky Mark’!

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Yeah, I know…. FINALLY! The next Ian McQue release! I had asked Ian soon after the Remora release about doing a small release like a buoy that could be used with it and the other ships we plan to produce and here’s the result. This ‘sky mark’ buoy isn’t a ship, but is a fantastic accessory for the Remora and the upcoming and unannounced (till now) “Waldo” airship. The Waldo will be officially announced with pics in 4-6 weeks. I’m waiting on some materials to get the hull in a state that I can show off. For now though you’ll have to wait. Sorry!

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The Sky Mark was conceptualized by Ian McQue and sculpted by Myself (Michael Fichtenmayer/FichtenFoo). Ian provided me with a series of sketches of different shapes and designs, then he made a rough 3D rendering of the Sky Mark for me to use as reference during the sculpting. This buoy will feature approximately 14 resin parts, wire, decals, and a LOT of photoetch for the truss frames. (Etch features push-out rivets to make it more dimensional) It’ll also come with two clear red blinking LEDs that you can use to light it up. (wiring/batteries not included, but probably a how-to in the instructions)

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This 1/35 scale buoy will be approximately 12 inches/30cm tall when complete and about 3 inches/8cm wide. No idea on price or actual release date yet. The PE is in production, the master for the resin is done, but the resin parts are not yet in production and are actually sitting on my worktable waiting for one of my casters to be freed up.

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