iMech News 11.18.2012

Hi Everyone! I’m not even sure where to begin this time as so much has been happening. I’ll start off with an upcoming product announcement, detail some changes/additions to the store, touch on the upcoming changes to the “notify me” system, talk about sales, and finally the usual housekeeping in regards to preorders, restockes, etc…

Christophe Desse’s ‘Estafette’ »

If you follow Industria Mechanika or Christophe Desse on Facebook, you may already be aware of this one. For those not in the loop, we present “Her Majesty’s Estafette” by Christophe Desse! Christophe Desse is the same artist that’s bringing us the Red Star 47, Flight Ready, Ground Crew, Aviators and Submariners! In other words, he’s doing a LOT of stuff for iMech and there’s lot’s more to come! Look for this to be available in April 2013.

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New iMech Release Schedule »

Speaking of April 2013, I’ve been checking over everything we’ve got in production currently and making a more structured release schedule. This first year of our business has been hit and miss with the release schedule due to various things, but one can either learn from the mistakes or keep repeating them. I’ve always valued the mistakes as they help us evolve. I feel like we’re finally at a point where we can reliably meet our schedule thanks to our now utilizing 4-5 different casting firms and having a backlog of completed projects to pull from. Now we can with some degree of certainty hit our scheduled preorder/release dates. We’ve got 40+ different pieces current;y in production, most of which we’ve not announced! So stay tuned (and start saving) for an amazing 2013!

The New iMech Store »

I don’t know about you guys, but the new store is making things a LOT easier and more organized. One of the new features for those that register with the store is the ability to sign-up for an upcoming newsletter as well as recieve real-time notifications to changed made on the individual products. This means we’ll be phasing out the old “Notify Me” system and start using the built-in store one. You’ll have to register, but it’ll be worth the trouble. This also means that any new product we announce will also be entered into the store system. It’ll say out of stock, but you’ll be able to see the expected release date so you can plan ahead. The main list is at the bottom of the store home page. Here’s what’s listed so far:

Item Name Date Expected
Her Majesty’s Estafette 04/01/2013
The “Squid-Shaped Submersible” 03/01/2013
Manchu’s Steam Car 02/01/2013
Calum Watt’s Freaky Gothic 02/01/2013
Mike Jensen’s Drone Sniper 02/01/2013
The Rook 01/01/2013
1/35 Pawn Brigade 01/01/2013
1/35 Submariners 01/01/2013
FichtenFoo’s Implausible Long-Nose Submersible 01/01/2013
1/35 Ground Crew 12/15/2012
1/35 Flight Ready 12/15/2012
Red Star 47 12/15/2012
The T-Zero 12/01/2012
1/35 Aviators 11/16/2012
The Hornethopter 11/16/2012


Aviators and Hornethopter!

The Hornet is back, and this time has an all new pilot sculpted by Christophe Desse! Also check out our new Aviators set to go with it! I’ll have these in stock by December 7th so will be starting preorders now!

Order both and save $5!

[singlepic id=933 w=420 h= float=]

Preorder the Hornethopter »

[singlepic id=932 w=420 h= float=]

Preorder the Aviators »

November Specials »

Dmitry Parkin’s Vampire $15 off!
Dustbuster + Barrio Guy 1/35 Save $15 on the pair! (limited time left!!!)
Fish-Shaped Sub + Sea Life Etch! Save $10 on the pair!
Ian McQue’s Sky Mark Save $10 on Two!
The Hornethopter and Aviators Save $5 on both! (limited time offer!)

Preordered Item Updates! »

First up is the preorder info. I have several casters working diligently on getting these done so that I can get them out the door and into your hands.
Deckhands 1/35: Available Now
Deckhands 1/24:
Available Now
Sasha 1/24:
Available now!
Barrio 1/24:
Avialable now!
Barrio 1/35:
Available Now!
Chompbot #5, Troopers, Pilots: Now Shipping and Available!
The Dustbuster: Shipping by 12.7.2012
Ian McQue’s SkyMark: Shipping by 12.7.2012
Hornethopter: Shipping by 12.7.2012
Aviators: Shipping by 12.7.2012
Dystopic: Shipping by 12.7.2012