iMech News 11.30.2012

Hi Everybody! This will be a short one as we finish up 2012.

Out of Office »

Just wanted to let you guys know that I will be out of the office from 12/2/2012 to 12/9/2012. I’ll check email a couple times during the week for emergencies, but will not be as available as usual next week. On the 10th I should be home and packing up MANY kits to ship as their final components (resin, PE) be delivered to me during next week. Dystopic, Sky Mark, Dustbuster, Aviators, Hornethopters, and T-Zeros will go on sale then as well as I should have the resin/decals by then. (see below) All of the preordered items should be in the mail to customers by the end of the week. Bodies will still be in the office to receive shipments, but won’t be able to ship until the week of the 10th.

T-Zero »

The week of 12.10.2012 the 1/35 scale Alb-Lab T-Zero will go up for orders! Probably not even preorders for this one if everything arrives next week as scheduled! Price: $99 USD + Shipping. This follow-up to the Alb-Lab Markov comes with many waterslide decals on a sheet to choose one of least 3 different schemes, or mix and match to do your own. Comes with 1 female driver with a choice of 2 heads.

[singlepic id=938 w=420 h= float=]

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Current Preorders »

Like I said above, all current preorders should be going out the week of the 10th. They’ll go out no later than the 14th unless there’s some sort of issue with your order. US orders will arrive in time for Xmas and international orders typically take 7-10 days. Enjoy!