iMech News 12.12.12

Hello all from chilly Pittsburgh, PA! Such a change from last week when I was chilling in the Caribbean on a cruise ship full of elderly people. I tend to move fast and well… they don’t. But I’m home, back to my usual speed, and have some news to share.


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The 1/35 scale hover racing T-Zero by Alb-Lab is now available for preorders. The final cost in $99 + Shipping. Click here to order the T-Zero.

We also have the T-Zero decal sheet available as a separate product as we’ve had a few requests. Those cost $8 each + shipping.

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Preorders »

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If you watch our Facebook page (you do watch it and like it right? It’s where the news comes first!) you already know that all but 4 preorders have shipped out today. Those 4 are waiting on more Sasha 1/24s to arrive next week then I’ll ship them. These 1/24 Sashas have new and improved molds (not that the others were bad, but we try to keep improving where we can) so while I feel bad about the delay, the end result will be very nice. So if you were waiting for the Sky Mark, Dystopic, Hornethopter, Dustbuster, or Aviators to be in-stock before ordering, your wait is over!

OMFG: Sasha 1/35 and 1/32 »

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She’s coming back! Really! I know many of you have been waiting and the wait is almost over. Next week I’ll have the two masters back in-hand and will be shipping them to a new caster. This new caster is AMAZING with the small figures and did our Dustbuster, Dystopic and Aviators. Plus they’re fast so less waiting. Expect her to return in late February. Be sure to get on the notification list!

Luca Z’s Kastor »

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Luca Z’s Kastor is making a comeback in January. The resin is in production as we speak so as soon as I have them in-stock I’ll let you guys know. Be sure to get on the notification list!

Slight Reschedules »

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Nothing major… I just may have to push the Red Star, Rook, and Long Nose Fish back a few weeks due to the holidays and everyone elses’s schedules.