iMech News 12.26.12

Happy Holidays to all of our fantastic customers! Hope you enjoyed Xmas and if the fat guy in the red suit didn’t bring you what you wanted, we got you covered! Speaking of RED…

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The Red Star 47, Ground Crew, and Flight Ready (Pilots) are now available for PREorder in the Industria Mechanika Shop! These kits are one of our most requested in the notification system so won’t last long. Save up to $10 by ordering the two figure sets together with the Red Star 47 flyer.

This PREORDER ships around February 10, 2013!

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Just like the T-Zero, we’re offering the extra Red Star 47 decals as a separate product as well. These are the same cool soviet inspired decals that come with the Red Star 47 kit. Use them for related projects, in case you mess up those included with the kit, or for whatever you imagination desires! In stock now!