Today’s Resin Arrival!

I received 10x huge boxes of resin today! Below is my current list of stuff that’s been ordered versus received. You can also see when I placed these orders versus when I actually received them (today) to get an idea of the headache I’ve had this year. Everything has been packaged except the Dystopic kits. That I will package tomorrow. Once Dystopic is packaged, I can start shipping everything in green that’s been a preorder. It should all be out the door by Monday. Watch your spam folder for a shipping notice from

As for the items in red…

The die cast steel photoetch has been cancelled. I sold the design to Secret Weapon Miniatures so please buy it from them. If you have an outstanding preorder for it, I will be refunding those. I was assured I would have this etch November of last year and started preorders way back then. Rather than keep pushing it back, and under the circumstances, it’s better to cancel/refund them.

Derek Stenning EK Cosmonaut 1 is the only EK kit to not arrive. It should be here next month.

Sea Bird etch isn’t here, but I have enough leftover etch to cover outstanding preorders and maybe a few in-stock kits. When it arrives I’ll be able to list it as in-stock.

Clyde.A isn’t in red, but it will be before I send this to the casting/etch vendor. I was expecting it this shipment too.

Everything else is here and will be shipped by Monday! Thanks for your patience!