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Since we’re finally seeing (and doing) some build-ups of the Dustbuster we’re having a sale on it! For a limited time (3.18.2013 to be exact) you pay only $90 for the kit which retails for $99.

Click here to get the 1/35 Dustbuster kit!


Dustbuster Build-up by FichtenFoo »

Here’s some shots of the FichtenFoo (Michael Fichtenmayer) Dustbuster build-up along with a short SBS on how I achieved the dusty, muddy finish.


Dustbuster Build-up by John Jenkins »

John Jenkins posted shots of his great Dustbuster build-up on Facebook. With his permission I’m reposting them here for you to see.



Click here to get the 1/35 Dustbuster kit!




I finally started posting images to the Industria Mechanika Customer Gallery. First up are two really nice build-ups by Hunter Rose and Matthew Quiroz of the Hornethopter (in red!) and the Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible. Check them out and comment in our forums!

If you’ve got a completed Industria Mechanika model you’d like to show-off, post it into our Finished Models section of the forums and it just might make our customer gallery hall of fame!