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Ian McQue’s Remora 2nd Edition Preorder!

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The preorder for the Ian McQue Remora’s 2nd edition (50 kits) will begin on Tuesday, January 31st, 2012. Available stock will be added around 9:30AM Est. to start the preorder. This Remora is limited to 50 2nd Edition kits. Kits will ship in March 2012. Preorder Here »

Don’t forget to add a Remora Print to your order! $15.00 USD.

iMech News 1-23-2012

Welcome to another edition of iMech News! This time we’ll announce a new upcoming FichtenFoo/MechaSkunk product collaboration, a new Ian McQue product, preorders and restocks, and some new pics of upcoming releases.

FichtenFoo’s Squid-Shaped Submersible!

This counterpart to the steampunk-styled Fish-Shaped Submersible was started by hand almost a year ago, but due to a less than awesome 3D print of the drill, was put on hold. Rob Fuchs of MechaSkunk who did the drill 3D file for me originally has taken on finishing the rest of the craft in 3D based on my sketches and half-done master parts. He’s adding some of his own touches and the progress is awesome. Can’t wait to see how the dive-planes and interior look. While the Fish-Sub is a peaceful civilian styled craft, the Squid is indeed a predator. Using the enormous screw propeller to streak through the water, it can ram vessels or use its tentacles and “beak” drill to fill their hulls full of holes. A true terror of the deep! 1/35 Scale! Look for the squid to be available late-summer 2012.

Discuss Squid-Shaped Submersible in the Forum!

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Here’s my initial sketch with completely outdated notes.

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Chompbot #5’s 3D Print and More Jake Parker Figures

Ownage sent us these images of the 3D print before they ship it to Jeff Brewer, the 3D/traditional sculptor who will be adding some final touches by hand. The bot is roughly 8.5″ (215mm) tall and looks to be a very fun build-up. The body is hollow to allow for lighting.

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Jose Alves da Silva is almost done with the Chompbot Figure Set as well, and here’s a look at two more figures in-progress. The other figures can be seen in the last news update here.

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Ian McQue Figure Set #1

We’d hoped to have this done before releasing the Remora, but it is coming! Here’s a preview of two of the five figures coming soon in the first Ian McQue Figure Set. The “Mopper” and the “Rigger”. These figures, sketched by Ian and 3D sculpted by Rishi Nandlaskar will look great on the deck of the Remora and future Ian McQue ship releases. We hope to release these in Spring 2012. 1/35 Scale!

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Ian McQue’s original character sketches:

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Vampire, Fish-Sub, and Remora Preorders

The Dmitry Parkin Vampire and FichtenFoo’s Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible are avaiable for preorder right now and will both be shipping in Early February. The Remora will be back up for preorder on January 31st 2012 and will ship sometime in March.

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FichtenFoo’s Remora Build-ups

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Right after I packed and shipped the Remoras I got to work on the two I’m building up. One is for Ian McQue based on his painting and the other is for me. It’s my own scheme based on some of Ian’s other paintings. Check out the full progress page on and the forum thread here.

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Ian McQue’s Remora 1st Ed. Sold Out!

Thanks to all of you who preordered the Remora and made out first official Industria Mechanika release a huge success! The 2nd Edition will be in production soon after I receive and ship-out the first.

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We will also be working on releasing some unsigned Remora prints so watch for those. These are the same prints, will be the same price, but unsigned.


Jake Parker Collaboration: Chompbot #5

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Industria Mechanika would like to welcome Jake Parker and his fun, whimsical works to our list of collaborators! Jake has worked in the entertainment industry for over 10 years and has contributed to 4 feature films: Titan A.E., Horton Hears a Who, Ice Age 3, and Rio. He is also the creator of the Missile Mouse graphic novels and recently he’s begun illustrating children’s books.  His first to come out is the Astonishing Secret of Awesome Man. Jake is a huge fan of the mechanical.  “Robots, cars, tanks, jets…if it has a pilot, I’m all over it.”

Definitely check out Jake’s website: and his blog

The first kit we’re collaborating with Jake on is the Chompbot #5 seen above. It’s a really fun, all new design he did based on some of his prior works. The pilot will be approx 50mm, the same size as your average 1/35 scale figure and the Chompbot approximately 210mm tall making for a very nice-sized piece. We’ll also be working on some individual figures to accompany this kit and Jake is considering doing a small comic back-story to include in the package.

Discuss this topic in our forums »

Here’s a small  sample of some of Jake’s other works »

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Scott Robertson Collaboration

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Industria Mechanika is excited to announce we will be offering a resin kit of one of Scott Robertson’s ship designs. Scott is known around the world for his creative vehicle designs featured in his Design Studio Press books such as “Lift Off,” “Start Your Engines” and “DRIVE.” His next collaborative book will feature a very wide range of new ship designs. The book is titled “BLAST” and you can see some of the work-in-progress here:

Help decide what we should make!

With literally hundreds of designs to choose from our first task will be to decide which one to build. To this point, we would like to entertain suggestions as to which ship it should be. Please make suggestions in this forum thread.

To buy any of Scott’s books head over to

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Coming Soon: Ian McQue’s ‘Remora’

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I finished the master today for the first of two initial Ian McQue ship releases and Ian and I wanted to show you guys the images. The first ship is named “Remora”. Ian provided me with some rough sketches and a rough 3D render initially to get started. As I progressed through building the master he sent more and more images to show details not seen in the initial roughs. Like all of his ship designs, it has that wonderful “old, beaten and held together with bits of wire and duct-tape” feel.

At 1/35 scale she’s approximately 11 inches from bow to stern, not including the crane and lights. The deck at the widest is approximately 4 inches. I haven’t measured her total height but with the masts, antenna, and keel fins, she’s pretty tall. The kit will contain a fret of photoetch parts for deck-grates to cover the engine greeblies, engine details, misc customizable repair panels, and various hook and d-ring assemblies. Wire, string, and waterslide decals will also be included. The kit will contain 3-4 figures as well. Those will be started next week.

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About half-way through the master-making; Ian did this cool colored sketch of the Remora after we decided to move the crane to the front.

It was a fun master to work with Ian on. Turns out we use a lot of the same reference sources including each others work, (and Luca Z’s)  so collaborating on this was a breeze.  He is very excited about it and can’t wait for me to finish writing this so he can show it off.

Check out the Remora master images and let us know what you think on our Forums and Facebook fan-page!

Master Images »

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A small sampling of Ian’s Remora concept sketches »

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