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Preorder The Chrononaut Now!

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The Chronoaut is now available for preorders! We decided to offer two versions, one with and one without the VERY LARGE T-Rex head trophy base.

Preorder the Chrononaut Here »

Chrononaut Only: $140 + Shipping (2lbs)
Chrononaut + T-Rex: $200 + Shipping (4lbs)

Estimated Shipping Date: Mid November

The head is HUGE!!!! Approx 7-8″ long if not more) It uses more resin than the whole Chrononaut and costs almost as much to cast as the rest of the kit combined. There will be a limited quantity of T-Rex heads since we don’t expect them to sell as many with the costs, but I’ll put in the casting qty order in a few days after the preorder starts to make sure that everyone that wants one and preorders early has the chance to get it.


Preorder the Chrononaut Here »



Calum Watt’s Freaky Gothic Update

Originally slated as a 1/12 scale release, David Richardson added more detail to Freaky when we decided to up the size to 1/8 scale. Check out the old pics here compared to the new ones with added detail. It’s going to be a fantastic piece when it goes into production! Click here to get a notification when Freaky Gothic will be available for preorder.

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Calum Watt’s Freaky Gothic

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As promised before my vacation last week, here’s some almost done renders of the upcoming Calum Watt “Freaky Gothic” modeled by the amazing David Richardson. Originally slated for 1/12 scale we’ve decided to increase that and do 1/8 scale instead. Seems that most of you want the figures to be larger and that’s fine. 1/8 scale should be a nice balance between size and costs making them more affordable than our 1/6 scale figures were. Price details to come. David is currently tightening up details and textures since we increased the scale. I’ll show close-up views of this when they’re available.


Introducing ‘Collaborator Products’ in the iMech Shop!

We have many talented collaborators, both announced and unannounced, and do what we can to help them promote their ideas and designs. Some of our collaborators have very cool existing product lines which we cannot affordably stock ourselves for you, (due to shipping to us then back to you, etc…) but can instead provide a gateway for you to order them direct from their artists.

The first of our collaborators to try this with us is Walter Pezzali. You might recognize his retro Futuristic robots designs. I’ve built one myself and have several more in my stash. They’re very fun and easy to assemble. We have 5 of his robot kits in the Futuristic Shop and will soon have Futuristic prints and post cards as well. Check out the Futuristic Shop on Industria Mechanika!

Soon we’ll be bringing 1/20 scale Industria Mechanika/Futuristic collaborative releases to the iMech shop. More on that soon.

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