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Michael Herm’s ‘BISHOP’ and More!


Pawns, Rooks, Knights, and now the next in Michael Herm’s chess-named, sci-fi combat line up is the Bishop. Like many of you, I had expected the Bishop would be another cool combat mecha, but when I saw what he had in mind instead, I was honestly blown away! The Bishop is an orbital drop ship and VTOL aircraft in one. Dropping through the atmosphere it can insert Pawns wherever they are needed most.


The Bishop is loaded with details and hidden features. An exploded view of the wing-tip engine pods shows just how much thought was put into the design. Small gears and other components work together to extend the VTOL thrusters when their side hatches open.


Small hatches on the exterior pop-out to deploy the Bishops rocket launchers and vulcan cannons.


Inside of the Bishop as you can see in this cut-away are seats and harness bars to seat a compliment of Space Pawns… wait… SPACE PAWNS!?


YES! Not only are we announcing the Bishop, but Michael Herm designed a four figure set of Pawn Brigade figures dressed in their space gear. All figures in both sets have removable helmets. This Space Pawns set will look great exiting the rear of the Bishop, in a Mars setting with a Rook or Knight, or just on their own.


Price and Release Date:

The Bishop: As usual, I don’t tend to have prices on out kits until I get all of the production quotes back. This set just left the printer and is on its way to the caster so the price is still TBD. It’s a large kit so will probably be one of our more expensive pieces as a result of the size and sheer number of parts and etch. As for an estimated release date, I’d hope to have these by the end of 2017, but it’s a large kit with many parts so I am not sure how long it will take. I’d rather it take a little longer and be correct than rushed.

The Space Pawns: The starting price for this set will be the same as our other small figure sets at $34.99. Their release will coincide with that of the Bishop.

Preorders: We’ll start taking preorders whenever a final price is determined. As always, payment for preorders is due when ordering. Estimated arrival dates are truly a best guess on our part and we want to make sure we send out perfect, complete kits the first time, not in incomplete chunks. In other words, delays can happen, but we always deliver.

Bishop and Space Pawns Media Gallery:

iMech News 11.12.2016

Hello everyone and sorry for the news hiatus. It’s been a rather busy year for restocking existing designs, but now we’re gonna end 2016 on a high note and show off some of the upcoming products we’ve been working on. I’m trying to not announce items too far away from their actual releases as it causes confusion as to what’s already been produced and what may be out of stock. Everything below should be ready during the 1st qtr of 2017. Unless a master is ruined (like Frankenstein) we’ll always make more of your favorite designs provided there is enough interest to justify the expense. Better to put the funds towards new designs rather than stuff that might sit on our shelves. So if you want to purchase OOS designs, please let us know so we can gauge interest properly. With that being said, now onto the news!

Michael Herm’s Knight »

I know it’s been a while, but the Knight, Michael Herm’s follow up to the Rook and Pawn Brigade, is currently at the caster, photoetch is in production, and print materials will be here tomorrow so that when the resin and PE arrives I can hit the ground running. Preorders will start any day now, just waiting on one more vendor’s costs to finalize the pricing. I’m not sure that it will arrive before Christmas, but at the latest we should be shipping out preorders in January.

Knight Arms

I can’t stress enough that one of the Knight’s coolest features is also one you need to pay attention to when placing your order. There are 7 different arm combinations/load-outs you can select from when ordering the Knight based on its 3 different arm types. (while supplies last) 3 are double of the same weapon, 3 are two different weapons, and 1 is 1x of each arm type (3 total arms) so that you can select your choice later and have a spare for whatever you desire. The 3x option has an additional charge. Please be certain to select the load-out you want before adding to the cart to avoid additional shipping charges.  Each arm will work on the left or right so no need to worry about that.

Knight Preorders

Preorders will start soon. Watch this spot for updated information on when they go live. Order yours as soon as possible so you don’t have to wait on a restock to get the load-out you want. Thanks! Restocks of the Rook and Pawn Brigade (as supplies are currently low) are already in the queue! Visit the shop page to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.


Ben Mauro’s Gorilla »

Also at the caster is Ben Mauro’s Gorilla with 3D sculpting by Stefano Bernardi. Preorders for this fantastic posable 1/35 scale mecha drone will begin in December and should start shipping in January 2017. The Gorilla comes with 1 figure and a custom deluxe decal set. Visit the shop page to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.

Adrian Smith’s Scrap Goblins »

And now for the first of our new upcoming kit announcements! First up we’ve got the Scrap Goblins: Engineer and Lackey. This pair of tech hunters was conceptualized by Adrian Smith with 3D sculpting by Rishi Nandlaskar. This same pair designed our Mushroom Goblin and Chrononaut kits! This pair will be sold separately with the “Engineer” being the first release with preorders starting in January 2017. Following soon after him will be his “Lackey”. The Engineer has already been printed and is at the caster with the Lackey (of course) following right on his heels. These are considered 1:1 scale, the same as the Mushroom Goblin with a head height each of approximately 175mm (7in) not including the Lackey’s backpack. I’m looking forward to seeing build-ups of this pair together with additional scrap parts. At 1:1 scale, you can go crazy with scenic extras from your own junk drawer! Visit the shop pages to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.


Ian McQue’s Wasps Set »

The next Ian McQue airship kit is actually a two-ship set! The Wasp Scout Flyers, sculpted by Michael Fichtenmayer with figures sculpted by Rishi Nandlaskar, will come two to a kit with each ship featuring a different pilot and upper engine configuration. The result is a perfect Ian McQue look and feel of cobbling together ships from scrap. Not only will you get 2 ships, but the set also includes an additional standing pilot, deluxe decal sheet, photoetch details, and laser-cut windscreens. Watch out for more details and the Wasps preorders to begin early this winter! (late Dec/Jan) Visit the shop page to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.


New Animal Sets »

Continuing with our line of 1/35 scale animals, next up are two slightly larger sets. Sheep & Goat and Dogs sculpted by Lee Williamson. Watch for preorders to begin early this winter! (late Dec/Jan) Visit the shop pages to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.

sheepgoatpromo dogspromo

New Decal Sets »

Three new deluxe decal sets will be coming to the Industria Mechanika shop soon! Gauges and Screens, Chess Piece Markings, and Ian McQue Markings. Watch for preorders to begin early this winter! (late Dec/Jan) Visit the shop pages to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.


Restocks »

The following items are in the restock queue in the following order and should be back soon, if not already. Visit the shop pages to add your email address to the notification form to get an email when stock is added.

Sea Birds
Derek Stenning’s EK Cosmonaut 2 (female)
Zero Fighter Robot
The Walrus
Derek Stenning’s Dystopic
Manchu Steam Car
Porpoise 4-Figure Set (1/35 shock toopers)
Pawn Brigade (4 figure set)
Sasha The Welding Girl (1/35 Scale Version)

iMech News 8.25.2016

Yes, I know… totally been a while since I’ve updated this blog, but we’re still here, making and shipping kits. With the massive restock we’re still doing, as well as restocking the restocks that sell out, it’s been difficult to get new items through the queue and as such, there hasn’t been a lot to report.

Michael Herm’s Knight »

Michael Herm’s Knight is currently in the final stages of production and should be ready for preorders within the next month. The resin is being cast, etch is done, and instructions/labels are being designed as we speak. This 1/35 scale resin and PE bipedal walker supports a variety of optional armaments. We’re working out the “how” but you will be able to select which two weapon arms you’d like to receive (depending on supplies on-hand) when ordering the base Knight mecha kit. The 3 initial weapons, Vulcan Gun, Howitzer, and Rocket Launcher Pod can be made to work on either side, so select two of the same or mix and match! Additional weapons may be available in the future. Mecha is posable with an opening cockpit. New pilot figure with opening mask included. We’re expecting this to be available for preorders by early 2016. Click here to visit the Knight shop page and add your email address to the notification form to get an email when initial stock is added.


Ben Mauro’s Gorilla »

Here’s a first look at the upcoming Gorilla mecha by concept artist Ben Mauro and 3D sculpting by Stefano Bernardi. The Gorilla comes with 1 figure and will be posable. Click here to visit the Gorilla shop page add your email address to the notification form to get an email when initial stock is added.

1/20 Figures »

Our 1/20 scale figure sets for Christophe Desse’s Ground Crew and Christophe Arnold’s Porpoise Troopers are now in-stock and available! Order yours today!


T.O.A.D. Update (CANCELLED) »

The TOAD is cancelled. The master, while amazing and precision hand-sculpted, just isn’t castable as-is. Lots of thin hollow pieces which are fine on a one-off model would get destroyed during the high pressure mold-making process. Better to to have Atan get it back so he can make the necessary fixes to it so that it doesn’t get destroyed in the mold making process. Thanks for your understanding.

A Note About The Thieving Recasters & Business in General »

This is a touchy subject and one I’m not even sure how to discuss. On one hand you want to point out the jerks who are stealing from you and your fellow artists. On the other, you don’t want to give them free advertising.

Seems not a week goes by these days without my having to report a recaster on one site or another. Let me start off with my feelings on the matter. If you are a recaster, then you are a thief. You are stealing ideas and property for your own selfish gains from the artists and people like myself who put in their own time and money to create garage kits. If you are buying recasts, then… well, that’s a pretty scummy thing to do as you are supporting a criminal enterprise which preys on artists, sculptors, and model-makers and puts/has put many many many legitimate creators out of business with their inferior knock-offs. It’s not fair to the artists and creators such as myself who put so much time and money into developing our original creations. I pay my artists 50% of the profits of every kit of theirs I sell. That’s more than I was ever offered for masters… much more. I also keep my prices ridiculously low for original kits in order to to make them as affordable as I can. Developing kits is not cheap… most people don’t factor in all the development costs involved with creating a new product and that’s how recasters can sell their shoddy goods cheaper. They don’t pay the artists and vendors original involved with the product development. I do. And I need to spread that out over a few runs of kits in order to make any profits at all. It’s a stupid balancing act and the result is that the profits are so slim that we tend to not be able to offer enough of a discount to resellers. So you can imagine how much recasters digging into our already slim margins hurts us and other original GK producers.

Not selling to certain countries doesn’t work as the recasters just use proxies and you lose legitimate sales and anger legitimate buyers. And it doesn’t matter where one produces either I’ve found. I cast in China, (because the quality is amazing. Any savings is offset by shipping unfortunately, but anyone who’s bought one of my kits cast there knows the quality of my original castings is stunning) but the recasts are definitely not coming from my caster as my kits use different suppliers around the world for the other items (etch and laser-cut) that are also being reproduced. You can tell in the photos that the resin and casting are inferior and misaligned, bubbly crap.

So if you know someone who is buying recasts and supporting the thieves instead of the original artists, enlighten them. If you are someone who buys recasts, stop. Don’t use the excuse “they don’t make it anymore so it’s okay”. That’s bullshit. The reality is that if more people would buy originals over recasts, the original artists would be able to produce more and not have to compete with thieves. Don’t let your personal “gotta have it” feelings fuck over everyone else. If you love a design so much that you HAVE to have it, buy the original. Ask for more originals to be made. I might be out of stock on some items, but if there’s interest, I’ll always make more as will other GK producers. Don’t let greed and kit-lust be a motivator in buying stolen goods.

If your love the artists work, support the artist who’s work you love. Don’t support criminals who could care less about the many artists they’re stealing from.

Thank you.

Michael (FichtenFoo) Fichtenmayer

iMecha Monday! aka iMech News 10.26.2015

It’s been a while since I posted an iMech News update, but I can’t think of a better way to start a Monday than by posting news about our new and upcoming mecha kits! I started this hobby as a giant robot modeler with Evangelion, Macross, and Gundam kits so being able to produce exciting new mecha designs as model kits for myself and all of you to enjoy is simply awesome.

Note regarding webstore:

Please excuse our temporary webstore redesign. Our theme/skin doesn’t work with the latest version of the shop software so I am currently redesigning the look. It’s only cosmetic issues though and the rest of the shop functions perfectly fine if not better. Thanks!

NEW » Michael Herm’s Knight »

The Knight, Michael Herm’s (visit his page) follow-up to the Rook and Pawn Brigade sets is almost here. This 1/35 scale resin and PE bipedal walker supports a variety of optional armaments. We’re working out the “how” but you will be able to select which two weapon arms you’d like to receive (depending on supplies on-hand) when ordering the base Knight mecha kit. The 3 initial weapons, Vulcan Gun, Howitzer, and Rocket Launcher Pod can be made to work on either side, so select two of the same or mix and match! Additional weapons may be available in the future. Mecha is posable with an opening cockpit. New pilot figure with opening mask included. We’re expecting this to be available for preorders by early 2016. Click here to visit the Knight shop page and add your email address to the notification form to get an email when initial stock is added.*



Mitutake Nishimura’s Zero (update) »

We announced this piece a few months ago, but have been waiting on the pilot prints to be complete before moving on. The 3D designed pilot by Christophe Desse for Mitutake Nishimura’s Zero mecha is done, printed and on its way to me for final fitting before it goes off to the caster for production. Here’s a peek at the really cool pair of figures that will come with each kit. Click here to visit the Zero shop page and add your email address to the notification form to get an email when initial stock is added.*


Atan Abenir’s T.O.A.D (update) »

We meant to have the T.O.A.D. ready over the summer but a scheduling conflict with the Briegel pushed it back. I finally opened the box of master parts last week and frankly am floored by how precise and clean they are. The fits are amazing and this guy is going to be a big fun beast to build. Atan included seating for both 1/35 and 1/20 scale pilots, however in order to save time and costs we won’t be selling the pilot figures with the kit. Mostly because we just don’t have one designed yet. For now, our 1/35 scale Female Pilot figure and Aviator figures will both fit nicely into the seat and are sold separately. For 1/20 scale, we’ll print out our Female Pilot figure in that scale as well and sell her as a separate kit. This lets you customize your pilots easier and allows us to release a number of cool pilots than can be used for this and other modeling uses. Plus it gets the T.O.A.D. into production much sooner. Click here to visit the T.O.A.D. shop page and add your email address to the notification form to get an email when initial stock is added.*


NEW » Ground Crew and Porpoise Shock Troopers in 1/20 Scale »

You asked for more 1/20 scale figures and you’ve got them! We selected and detailed-up 2 figures from Christophe Desse’s Ground Crew set and 2 figures from Christophe Arnold’s Porpoise set to create two 2-figure set in 1/20 scale. Both sets are printed and on their way to the caster for release later in 2015. Click here to visit the Ground Crew 1/20 and Porpoise 1/20 shop pages and add your email address to the notification forms to get an email when initial stock is added.*

GroundCrew120-preview Porpoise120-preview

Preorder and Restock Updates »

1/35 Sasha » This figure should be back in-stock in 2-3 weeks.

1/20 Sasha » Due to a fire at the producer’s physical store, I’m not sure if I can get any more of this plastic kit. If not I’ll switch to a resin version.

Derek Stenning’s Dystopic and EK Series » EK Cosmonaut #1 has not been released yet in any form. I’m waiting on the 3D print for him and when he’s ready I’ll post more pics and updates. Dystopic is in-production and should be ready in 2-4 weeks. EK Cosmonauts #2 will be back before the end of 2015. EK Cosmonaut #3 is in-stock.

Kallamity Products » The Wachtel is at the caster for the next edition. The casting on the second edition will be superior to that of the first edition as we’re no longer working with the last caster. Everything will now have the same consistent high-quality you’ve come to expect from us as it’ll be done by the same caster that did the Briegel. The Kastor is on its way back to Kallamity for repairs and updates. Look for the next edition of it in 2016. The Briegel will be back in limited numbers in early 2016 if not sooner.

Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein » The master for Frankenstein was unfortunately shipped back to us from its last caster poorly. His delicate 3D print was damaged to the point that the costs of repairing him outweigh the benefits of reproduction at this point. Onward and upward though as we have more Adrian/Rishi goodness incoming!

*Don’t use hotmail or yahoo email addresses… the notification will go directly to spam. Add all from to your *not spam* filter to ensure you receive all of our important order related emails.

iMech News 2.23.2015

What a week! Lots going on here which means it’s time for a news update. We get some awesome love from the guys at, The 2014 Contest results are in, Christophe Desse’s Krabbel-Tiere (Krab Walker for short) is up for preorders as well as the Mushroom Goblin, and a slew of restocks are in. Let’s get started!

Dystopic is Tested »

Adam Savage and Norman Chan did an hour long YouTube video building up two of our Derek Stenning’s Dystopic kits. The video is a must-watch for anyone into modeling, toys, etc…

Unfortunately Dystopic is out of stock but I put in an order for more which should be ready for sales in April. Meanwhile we have Derek Stenning and Gene Gampbell’s EK Cosmonaut #3 in-stock and the EK #2 Cosmonaut (female) is currently in production with preorders for her first edition expected to start in April.

2014 Model of the Year Contest Results »

Congratulations go to Georges Le Bras who’s “Remora Ketchup or Mustard” build-up has won our 2014 Model of the Year. I need to construct and paint Georges Trophy (sorry!!! I’ve been REALLY busy here!) and get that sent out to him. All five of the finalists will receive a $10 off coupon code as well for their next purchase. Thanks to everyone for supporting this venture, building and showing off our kits, and for just enjoying the hobby in general. I can’t wait to see what next year’s entries look like!

Christophe Desse’s Krabbel-Tiere Preorders »

Christophe Desse’s Krabbel-Tiere (or Krab Walker for easy writing) is now up for preorders. This kit comes with two figures, many small parts, and a lot of details. Photoetch and deluxe waterslide decals as well as wire and full-color instructions (you know… our normal package) come with the kit. Get your Krab here and don’t forget to pair it up with one of Christophe’s Ground Crew or Flight Ready figure sets.

cover Insts-1

Mushroom Goblin News »

I received a box a few days ago from the caster before their 2-week vacation. They only had time to produce 10 Mushroom Goblins so far and those have shipped out to the first orders in the shop system. (first orders in, first orders shipped to be fair) The rest should be here by the end of March. The kit has been such a hit that I ordered another full run of kits so this first edition will be 100 pieces. Preorder your Mushroom Goblin complete with real chain mail, wire, and full-color instructions here.


Restocks This Week »

The following kits have been restocked this week:

Restocking Soon »

The following kits will be restocking or initially released in the next few months: (Please enter your email address on the items page to get an automated notification when that product is restocked.)

The Question of “Coming Soon” »

Our shop system can be a little confusing due to it’s own inherent limitations. Both out-of-stock and coming soon items both say “Coming Soon” and “Out of Stock” and I just can’t change that/separate the two. A good rule of thumb here is that if the price is $0.00 that is a product that has not been released yet and we’re still in-production/determining a price. Otherwise if the item does have a price and it says coming soon, that means we sold out and are making more. If something is completely out of production (which is rare, but happens) we’ll just remove it from the shop to avoid confusion. For any item that’s “Coming Soon”, please enter your email address on the items page to get an automated notification when that product is restocked. It really works! Thanks!

iMech News 2.2.2015

Happy Groundhog Day! In honor of the little psychic rodents, we’ve got a great news update featuring some upcoming animal related release announcements!

T.O.A.D. by Atan Abenir

This one is fairly big… both in it’s size and how cool it is! Designed and scratch-built by Atan Abenir this beast looks to be around 14 inches / 35cm in height. He designed it for 1/20 scale, but we might include an option for a 1/35 scale cockpit as well as figures for both. This particular design looks great as either and we LOVE options and customizations! Check out the final pics below as well as his in-progress images here.

Click here for the T.O.A.D. shop page where you can enter your email address for in-stock notifications. ETA is Summer 2015 LATE 2015 (updated release ETA) at the earliest. Price TBD… depends on casting and other quotes.


1/35 Scale Typical Cats and Waterfowl

Coming soon from Industria Mechanika and Lee Williamson… Cats and Ducks! These assortments will be available soon. The cat set features 4 typical cat poses and the waterfowl (Ducks and Geese) will come with 10 figures and photoetch feet similar to our Seabirds set. Visit their shop pages to enter your email address to be automatically notified when these fun diorama accessories are in-stock/ready for preorders. Expected to be released in late March.

TypicalCatAssortment WaterfowlAssortment

Other Upcoming Release News

Mushroom Goblin: Still awaiting quote from 3D printer so I can begin preorders. Otherwise production is ongoing for a March release.

Krabble-Tiere: (Krab Walker) Still awaiting quote from 3D printer so I can begin preorders. Otherwise production is ongoing for a March release.

V74 HY-Auk Fighter: Awaiting 3D print and then the quotes.

Project X: Awaiting 3D print and then the quotes.

EK Cosmonaut #2: Sculpt done and at 3D printer. Awaiting print and quotes.


Her Majesty’s Estafette (Preorder now, ETA: 2.25.2015)

Solids, Liquids, and Gas sets (1/35) (In-Stock!)

Rook (Limited Number In-Stock!)

Waldo (In-Stock)

Sky Mark (In-Stock)

Porpoise (Preorder now, ETA: 2.25.2015)

Pawn Brigade (Preorder now, ETA: 2.25.2015)

EK3 Paint-Up by Philippe Bouchet

One of our concept artist collaborators, Philippe Bouchet aka Manchu, recently finished a build-up of our Derek Stenning and Gene Campbell designed EK Cosmonaut #3 kit. I knew he was an amazing 2D painter, but his work on model kit subjects keeps impressing me! Order your 1/8 scale EK #3 kit here.



iMech 2014 Model of the Year Contest Entries!

Thanks for a great 2014! To celebrate, we held a 2014 iMech Model of the Year contest and now that the deadline has passed, here are the entries. A small team of judges will take a look at these and pick the top 3 to 5 build-ups featuring Industria Mechanika products. These will then be judged by the public  to choose our winning entry. The winner gets a cool trophy and a gift certificate code.

So without further adieu, here are our entries in order received:

Nick Ogden [Remora Island]

Remora Island is what happens when Avatar meets Roger Dean meets Para Handy . (If you are unfamiliar with the last two names a quick Google search will enlighten you more ).  It is what I came  up with after a throw away remark several years ago by Marc Reusser on the Finescale Railroader as to why a flying ship would need sand ladders . To make it easier to get ashore onto a floating Island , obviously! The story I have made up is that at some point in the past the Island was attached to the mainland and over time large chunks detached themselves from it , until the section I built came adrift . Over time the edges eroded giving a more rounded shape . At the time that it broke away the mine winch was hauling up a rake of mine tubs to the surface . The winch was on the mainland side and the tubs were on what became the Island , which resulted in the tubs being hauled up to the surface faster than normal . Just as they were about to plunge over the edge of the newly formed Island the cable snapped leaving them dangling half on and half off . After a number of years being subject to various extremes of weather the mine tubs are showing distinct signs of being passed their best , and it won’t be many more years before they disappear altogether .  The Island hopping tramp steamer Lorelei has just moored up to have a look around and the crew are having a look down what is left of the mine . Hence there is no one in sight . For construction I started with a disc of half inch ply attached to a large dowel through which I bolted it to the base . The basic shape was made with styrofoam sheets glued top and bottom onto the ply base and then numerous home made plaster castings of rock work were fixed to the styrofoam . After painting , various scenery techniques and materials were employed to give a well vegetated feel to the Island .  The mine tubs were scratch built using aluminium foil and acid etched to give the rusty look .  The ruined block building was constructed with individual concrete blocks from a mould acquired from Diorama Debris .


Andrew Hall [Down at the Docks]

Base is foam covered in five layers of sand. Dockside is part of a Revell `dock` kit. Sub you know. Portholes replaced with acetate sheet. Crane is scratchbuilt from a plastic vintage car – a Rocket train model kit by Dapol and lots of spare parts. The sea is clear plastic sheet with carving and glass paints over the top.


Nicolas Rouanet  [Sky Mark]

The Chameleon corp. is a major freight company in south west. They operate a large park of Skymarks to guide their air ships. Bob is a Chameleon corp. maintenance operator, he came on his jet side car to replace some cabling on the C-3 platform that was damaged during a recent storm. This diorama was my main project for the World Model Expo in Stresa (Italy). The Skymark’s engine is scratch built, the jet side car is converted from a US army side car. It was the first time I worked with so much photo-etch parts, I learned a lot. Mainly painted with airbrush and Vallejo acrylics and weathered with Ammo products.


John Jenkins [Her Majesty’s Estafette]

Model built with very slight changes. Working headlight added into the model. Hand controls were slightly modified but overall the kit is stock. added a traditional flying scarf to the driver to give the impression of speed, And as the figures have a cat like theme to them, I added a Jaguar mascot from my spares box. Base is all scratchbuilt with some lovely photo etched gates from Promodell, look carefully at the 2nd window, and you will see a IMEC symbol in there!. the scene was done to depict a daring escape with the documents from a nefarious group intent on world domination… think Avengers. hope you like it.


Thomas Martin [Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible]

I’m a submarine nut, especially the Nautilus from 20,000 Leagues Under the Sea.  Have built versions of the Nautilus from 16” to 66”. I wanted a change and ran across this submersible.  Instantly had to have one. Started by drilling the solid resin hull for wiring as I just have to have LED’s in all my builds, one overhead yellow and a micro green on the deck of the wheelhouse.  The detailing in the wheelhouse was next.  Actually hinged the “bow” so you can see the interior.  On to the hull, liked the original and painted a variation.  Used a combination of spray, hand an airbrush for the hull and PE.  Only thing I replaced are the view ports.  These are ports from a Brodeen 31” Nautilus that fit perfectly.


Patrick Hurst [The Hornethopter]

  • The wings are made with “Japan-Paper”. I love the structure of it. It has something organic like veins…..
  • The thorn at the end of the tail is a milling cutter from my “Dremel”
  • The platform is scratch and laid with real wood (1,3mm oak). The tower was a part of a watertower from a Kit 1:87 normally used for railway-modelling. So are the tanks.
  • The Lamps are halfcut and painted Christmas-tree-balls with a glass out of Mountainbike valves
  • Lionheads around the platform are from my Warhammer spare box
  • Figures are from Taurus Miniatures and Kellerkind


George LeBras [The Hornethopter “Les Fleurs de Métal”]

the Hornethopter was a very cool project, a kind of brainless stuff. No difficult, just fun ! The building was easy and the only to think about was how to fix on a diorama. And to make it well balanced. The name “Les Fleurs de Métal ” is from a french rock song played by a popular band in the 90′ … Steampunk inspiration. No particular technica painting process except using black metallic paint with my airbrush. Brass and cupper tones with turquoise blue : nice effect. The clear Wings have been the stage that required some attention. My favourite part of the Hornethopter is the eyes … Hypnotic blue ! The first diorama was a pot of real daisies. Showed during a modelling show, nobody noticed the insect on these flowers ?!@ …. The main flowers is from a “tool” to put jewelry when removed. Just a little paint and nice place for the Hornethopter !!!!


George LeBras [Kastor 76 “Fuel addiction”]

the Kastor is the first kit bought from Industria Mechanika. My really first Sci-fi model ! I’ve been following the Kallamity’s prototype building. And the Scott Robertson’s color scheme is probably the best version I decided to paint. The building was very easy and strong enough to be handle hundreds of times during the painting process. I choose to use the hair spray technique through AK chipping fluid. Just a few added parts as the left ladder made with G guitar string and the antenna with a E guitar string. After a dark primer grey, I started to paint a rust tone with different brown, red and orange tone. Let it dry. HS. Then a white coat of paint as new camo paint. Remove it with warm water. Matt varnish. HS back. Then dual light / dark grey coat. Paint remove. This process allows some red color dots through the grey finish. Oil work and pigments for the last run ! The scene is named “Fuel Addiction” and the pilot is pointing, maybe a forthcoming storm


George LeBras [Remora “Ketchup or mustard ?”]

The Remora has been the hardest and the longest diorama I ever made !!! This was originaly dedicaced to the World Expo in Stres / Italy in July 2014. As I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis and the Fifth Element movie by Luc Besson, I’ve been hunted by this scene when Korben Dallas is ordering food from a flying Japanese restaurant !!! That was the start. The Remora boat is a huge project but the Ian McQue’s world is so imaginative and funny that it was impossible not to follow that ways !! As for the Kastor, the hair spray technique is back on my workbench. I added hundreds of new details : wires, lights, boxes, antennas, a roof for the crane, a propeller for electricity, … Remaining parts from order kits are so useful. Lot of hours to paint from creating colourful effects … A lot of paint bottles need to be refill. My mind has been searching for a long while to find the best way to handle the boat off the ground. A special attention has been taken to be able to travel by car !! Very enjoying funny work. The first idea was to build a restaurant in a world victim of precarity … But with thousands of ideas to recycle engines, corrugated irons, signs, panels … Modern Mad Max in a peaceful world !!! Only the container has been bought from Italery. The now is the frame of the restaurant. All other parts are hand-made. Around 95% scratchbuilt !!! Very funny work, lots of Evergreen cut and glued all together, hundreds of CD listened, liters of coffee, drops of blood when replacing the knife sharp blades, … No way to reach the finish line as far new ideas were coming ! And finally, the restaurant turned into a upper terrace, a lounge, a space deck, and a garage for maintenance ! Everything you need for a rest and to take the hover road back … The diesel generator, the garage, the pump, the fuel tanks, are hand-made. The base is made with plywood recovered with sheets of plastic. As for the Remora, the hair spray technique is used to create a lively scene. Deckhands and birds bring live on the platform. And as it is almost midday, it’s time to have a beer and a little rest …


Masahiro Kobayashi [1/20 Sasha]

About 1/20 Sasha
I thought I’d like to express the scene for which she’s making with weld.
I have produced a robot motif ROBODATCHI is an old plastic model of Japan.
The robot is remodeling a bottle of Yakult.
Mainly iwas painted with Laquer paint.
Carrier was coated with silicone barrier,it was painted with an airbrush.Then,I have peeled.
A logo of tank-top used a decal of a WAVE corporation.


Chris Babes [Remora]

My first experience or knowledge of Industria Mechanika was on the back pages of a book of concept art called ‘Blast – Spaceship sketches and renderings’. Well from there on in I was totally hooked and as soon as another run of Remora was available I just had to get my paws on one. (mind you, I regret not buying 2 !). Well the total build lasted about 7 months, it was completely addictive and consuming. Difficulty with this kind of kit, is the endless possibilities and knowing when to stop and call it a day. In addition the the kit, i added some 1/32 F-15 resin engines, an EOD arm from a 1/35 Buffalo MRAP, a load of aftermarket resin and PhotoEtch  stowage/boxes/crates and some home made ‘Iron Sky Industries’ cardboard boxes for the load. Chains, micro fish hooks and a bit of almost anything i could find also went onboard. A base was also scratched up, nothing fancy just a bit of groundwork, grass tufts and a landing pier. Other IMec. products  made it aboard. The ‘Deck Hands’ and ‘Waldo Pilot’ figures brought a bit of action/purpose to the scene along with the  ‘Solids’ and ‘Gasses’ container sets. What a joy to build and paint up, as you see i went for a bruised and battered example. Paint was mostly Vallejo Game Colour acrylics and AK chipping fluids/enamel washes/MIG Pigments for the work effects. Decals from the kit and spares box where also used. In the end it was renamed ‘Big Paul’ after my late brother in-law, and the bonus of it all, it picked up 1st place in the sci-fi section and ‘Best of Show’ at the 2014 IPMS Ireland Nationals, the first time a sci-fi subject had done so.


Isla Crawford [Waldo Pilot]

My entry is the 1/35 pilot figure which goes with the “Waldo” boat. I am only around ¾’s of the way finished on the boat so hopefully will have it completed in time for next year’s competition. I have really enjoyed working with the resin, finding it very easy to clean up and although I am not a big fan of cyanoacrylate glue it is worth having to use it to have models with such superb detail. I am aware that my pilot’s eyes leave a bit to be desired. When viewed normally they look satisfactory but the high definition and magnification of the photographs show they are lacking in detail but I’m afraid I have been in hospital and ran out of time to do anything about fixing them. However, I decided to enter him anyway for the fun of it. Thanks for running this contest to give us all a chance to show our enjoyment of your models.


Tuan Cuong Chu [Dragonfly]

“I would like to share my latest build: 1/35 Dragonfly  from industriamechanika. The kit’s quality is awesome and I’m very excited with my build. I tried to replicate the mech-dragonfly with metalic look and shiny. I also scratchbuild some wires to make the model look more convincing as well as “Cool”. Then, I want to paint the model with Green initially, however, after taking a short tour to insect museum, I have changed my mind and decided to paint my Dragonfly in Red to make it look masculine and strong. Lastly, I added the base for my Dragonfly because It not only ensure my model is stable but the green base also make the Dragonfly even highlighted and interesting.”


John Jenkins [Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible]

This has to be one of my all time favourite builds. thoroughly enjoyable from start to finish. kit is stock apart from a bulb mounted inside to illuminate the cabin area. hand controls were scratchbuilt adding levers and cables. also as the eye casting were a little opaque, I drilled and carved the glass portion out and replaced them with mineral watch glasses, kindly donated by a local jewellers who was fascinated by the project and happy to assist. Model was airbrushed in Tamiya copper and airbrush shaded to give depth. base is scratchbuilt and the riveted rusting hull was done using printers Litho plate. figure is a converted Tamiya panzer repair crewman with a Kinder toy spaceman helmet!. The model won 2 best of shows and was used to advertise the 2014 IPMS Birmingham show.


John Jenkins [Dustbuster]

Built straight from the box but painted in an entirely new way for me. I wanted to emulate the “Comic book” wear and tear look seen in the computer game Borderlands. I took many stills of the vehicles from that and used them to “blend” the paints on the model directly for a faded look along with scars and patches to match. stark contrast light and dark was used along the engine parts, again emulating comic style along with “hash marks” for light damage.  Overall pleased with the result.


Adam Boyes [Waldo]

‘This was my first scale model so was a completely new challenge for me.  I have been painting wargame figures for many years but have never attempted anything so big or detailed as the Waldo.  So naturally I chickened out an painted the pilot first which turned out to be a great pleasure.   The pilot is quite a simple pose but so detailed and was a joy to paint.  I used a zenethial lighting approach using layering/two brush technique of blending.  I like to give realism to my models so i imagined he would be very grimy and dirty.  I particularly enjoyed using the airbrush to spray oil and soot all up his trouser.  Once I had the pilot I could then start to visualize what I wanted the Waldo to look like.  I did lots of research on the internet into old rusty tugboats using sites like Piniteret. The hardest thing was building the Waldo.  I  learned so many new skills.  Like etched brass details love super glue!  Joking aside this model was a real pleasure and I discovered that I could transfer my skills from wargame figures to a larger scale.  Overall I tried to obey a zenethial lighting effect as this is vital in figure painting.  With this in mind I used the airbrush with multiple layers of very diluted paint to achieve a smooth blend not only between light and shade but also between the different colours.  I had lots of fun using the salt and hair spray technique to apply rust to just about every surface.  Other areas I just used an old bit of sponge to give a random chipped effect.  Powder pigments were used for more rust effects along with soot and carbonation.  I used a dab of brown oil paint on each rivet and then dragged it down with white spirits to produce the rust effect.  For the engines I used object source lighting (OSL) principles to make them glow.  This was achieved by letting the blue paint (or glow) spill out onto areas of the hull using the airbrush. The closer to the source the lighter and more concentrated the paint/glow.  Like on the trousers of the pilot I used teh airbrush to spray through a paint brush loaded with paint to give random splatter just about every where!’


John Simmons [Remora]

This was completed and finished using a mixture of Acrylics from Tamiya and AK Interactive enamel based products for the weathering. The name on the side ‘Elliot’s Ride’ is there because of my son…….Elliot. I added detail to the interior, which now has been covered up and I added a smashed window to the wheelhouse. The chain, extra tyres, wooden crate, gas bottles, sea gulls and anchor were all added to give extra detail. I covered some imperfections in the casting of the hull with plastic card and weld beeds made from putty. This gave the appearance of new welded on plates. It was a real labour of love but I throughly enjoyed it and now it sits pride of my collection!


Victor Maestas [Drond Sniper]

[description to come]


Follet Sebastien [Long-Nose Fish-Shaped Submersible]

This kit is going to make party of a bigger project, with in particular a steam tractor. This kit in summer paints with paints(paintings) Alclad to give a beautiful metallic effect, then polish with a cotton cloth(rag). The granular effect is involuntary and is owed to a too strong pressure got out of it from the airbrush, I nevertheless used this effect to give a “unpolished”(“rough and ready”) aspect.


Follet Sebastien [The Hornethopter]

The base is made with wooden profiles of the business(trade), the plaster, the utensils for jewels…. The thrower is made with rooms(parts,plays) of an old awakening(alarm clock) Figurines were modified has to leave figurines of the business(trade). The history(story): The engineer is attended the first flight(theft) of the machine, the engine driver is ready to intervene and the experimental woman is jealous because she would have wanted to pilot this machine.


Will Vale [Drone Sniper]

“This is my take on the Industria Mechanika Drone Sniper. I bought the model because I liked the cool concept art, but tried to change the feel a little bit. I was inspired by Neill Blomkamp’s early work to build him as a police drone rather than a military combat robot. To get the right look I remodelled the sniper rifle from anti-materiel to anti-personnel and replaced the clip with an energy tank. I also hollowed out the head and body and drilled the eyes for LED lighting. The ‘rabbit ear’ sensor and cable provide the power. I painted the model with lacquers (Tamiya and Alclad) and added a lot of small stencil decals and logos to the body to give the feel of a futuristic commercial product. The base is inspired by photographs of Kliptown in Soweto, and scratchbuilt from florist’s foam and other junk. The tins of prawn flavour cat food are a little nod to District 9.”


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