Collaborate With Us!

Industria Mechanika works with concept artists and sculptors, both traditional and 3D, as well as companies looking to have their new product lines produced, to bring their original ideas to the world in the form of high-quality resin model kit products. These products are available in the Industria Mechanika, through a small network of distributors, and/or through the individual companies’ websites.

Businesses »

Looking to expand your product line? Need something special to offer as a prize for a Kickstarter campaign? We can help! Please contact us to find out more about how we produce high-quality model kit products to suit your varied needs. Contact us to begin a collaboration!

Concept Artists »

If you’re a concept artist with an exceptional design that you think would make for an excellent model kit, please send us an email with links to images of your work(s). If we feel that it would do well as a model kit release, we’d love to work with you to develop that idea into a finished product. We can begin a collaboration with a model-maker, or if you have the ability to model in 3D or traditional methods, you can develop the sculpture yourself in collaboration with our staff. Contact us to begin a collaboration!

Model Makers »

If you’re an exceptionally talented 3D or traditional sculptor/model maker and would like to collaborate with a concept artist to develop a future Industria Mechanika product, please email us with a link to your portfolio, resume, and any other information you feel is relevant. If your portfolio passes our initial assessment, we’ll set you up with an artist whose work compliments your skill set in order to realize a fantastic finished piece. Contact us to begin a collaboration!

Collaborators Wanted »

Industria Mechanika is always keeping an eye out for talented people to create uniquely cool and interesting designs with us. Contact us if you have the following talents and would like to collaborate on products with us. Obviously we will need to see examples of your work before utilizing your services. Most of our collaborators participate for the love of the hobby and because they want to see their designs produced as kits for others to enjoy. It’s like a labor of love with a cash bonus. Contact us to begin a collaboration!

Please Note: We will not pursue collaborations with pieces that have already been printed and/or released through yourself or another company.

  • Detailed Concept Artist
  • Skilled Freelance 3D modelers capable of doing both Organic and Hard Surface modeling.
  • 3D Printing*
  • Experienced Resin Casters*

*In the case of casters and printers, Industria Mechanika would like to see examples of your work (via mail) before utilizing your services.