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Time to vote for your favorite!

First off I’d like to thank everyone who entered our Steampunk Costume Contest for Ladies and Gentlemen. (original rules here) We had 20 very cool entries (more than I expected) and I’m very interested to see who ultimately wins and gets their likeness as a figure kit. I’ll display the entries below with the supplied information and photos first, then the poll below it. I’ve given this a lot of thought and the voting will be the combined total of the following three voting blocks:

33.3% Select iMech Collaborators
33.3% Public Poll Results
33.3% Contestant votes

The first two are pretty standard. We have a group of our usual collaborators cast a single vote on what they think is best. Then we use the poll below to tally the public vote.

The last is interesting. We decided to let the biggest fans, the contestants themselves have a say in who wins. “But… wouldn’t they vote for themselves?” you ask? Of course they would! I would, you would, we’re all human here. That’s why each contestant will have three write-in votes. One can be their entry, the other two however must be others entries. I would hope that they’d vote for the best… they may all vote for the worst in an unsportman-like fashion. Hopefully that won’t be the case and if we suspect an overwhelming abuse of that voting block we reserve the right to forfeit the whole 33.3% Contestant segment and just use the iMech Collabs and Public results.

The Contestants »

Below are the contestants in the order in which their entries were received. Please view them all before making your selection. Please vote only once to make this a fair contest. Remember, it’s a costume contest, not a popularity contest so please vote for the entry that would make for the coolest figure kit.

Erik Teague

Character Name: Herr Opergeist
Information: Herr Opergeist is a gentleman of the highest degree, never content to restrict himself only to the known universe. However, one may not push the boundaries of existence without sacrificing his proverbial ‘pound of flesh’. In this case, it was pounds. This well dressed fellow happens to live his remarkable life impaired by an unusual malady garnered during a recent expedition into the forays of time travel. A terrible accident resulted not only in the destruction of his time-torquing equipment, but the reconstitution of his body in a haphazard devastation of his anatomy. Quite literally, his self created time machine achieved the impossible by disassembling the body into manageable proportions that could safely traverse the expanse of time and simultaneously re-assemble in the calibrated destination. Due to a malfunction in reassembly, his form was only partially reformed, leaving great chunks of his anatomy behind in his previous time. Facing certain death, his misfortune fell upon the skills of his lovely wife and assistant, who quickly assembled parts of his previous creations to create a set of survival armor to encase his wasted limb and torso and prolong his unnatural life. In order to survive in his newly weakened state, he devised an internal plasma furnace pump which provides his ravaged extremities with superhuman strength via an embossed leather exoskeleton. However, should he remove his new survival armor for any lengthy period of time, he will most certainly not live to see the following dawn. Now he is seen in his ornate armor, paired with an appropriate, if a bit somber waistcoat and frock coat, crowned with a waisted top hat. Even in impairment, one must be fashionable. Non-Character Description: I am a costume designer and artisan by trade and a proud Steampunk by imperative! This leather armor was made by me from the ground up, including all of the embossing and copper engraving. The ‘furnace’ actually lights up by way of a toggle mounted on the side of the apparatus. The hat was made of milliner’s buckram and trimmed in turkey bones and pheasant feathers to give a jaunty silhouette. Likewise, the frock coat, dickie and cravat were made by me.

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Matthew Slater

Character Name: Matthias Gladstone
Information: My self as Matthias Gladstone, Master and Commander SS Hammerhead Castle, airship privateer. The outfit, although intended to be steampunk, is very much inspired by earlier 19th century naval dress (Napoleonic wars and later), and features the distinctive bicorne hat. In the picture with the goggles, the bicorne should have been worn lower, more like it is in the one with my face exposed – but sadly you can’t see through them very well and I wasn’t able to adjust it!

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Ed Kidera

Character Name: Maets
Information: Here are four photos of me with a rocket pack.  Two are a variation with a helmet.  Two are a variation with top hat, goggles and cane.  Thought I would give you an option.  Happy to supply addtional shots of either option or a third option. I made the rocket pack, helmet and the cane.

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Tony Porteous

Character Name: Paladin – The Clockwork Detective
Information: Bio – A re-purposed automatic courtesan from the Queen’s millennial ball. Paladin was outfitted with external hydraulics, enhanced targeting and a tri-gear cogitation system before being deployed as the Empire’s first clockwork field detective. Though mistrusted by many, Paladin’s accuracy, acumen and impeccable courtly manner made him an excellent addition to the force, even if they couldn’t iron out the penchant for Guilbert and Sullivan…
Costume – Rivets, Leather, gold hairspray, plastic tubing, many, many cans of copper/bronze/gold paint, and the butchered contents of two alarm clocks.
Accessories – Flintlock Pistol, clockwork sword, jangly medal of service, hydraulic glove and the shiniest shoes in the empire.
Awesome Bits – The clock in the mask actually kept time, and the top section of the backpack is a disguised football rattle that turns with a clicking sound (My engineer had to keep me wound up for the event =D)

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Karen DeGuire

Character Name: Lady Katarina DeChassis
Information: This is a costume I made for a science fiction/fantasy convention I attend every year near St. Louis, MO.   I even made the hat from scratch using chip board as a base and covering with cotton velveteen.  I then decorated it with ribbon, guimp, rosettes, and feathers.  The shirt was a men’s dress shirt that I cut the sleeves and neckline out of.  I made the collar into my necklace and glued die cut cotton velveteen gears onto it.  The corset is patterend from scratch and made of striped cotton with a duck cloth base.  I also glued die cut gears and hinges onto it and a key hole over my heart.  The skirts are made of several layers of patterned cotton.  The under skirt has gathering cords to shir up the sides and show my black eyelet and lace pantaloons.  The bustle in the back and the drape in the front are all one piece which is lined with net to give it more body.  The striped stockings and boots are store bought.
Lady Katarina DeChassis is the wife of a steamship admiral in Her Royal Magesty’s 7th Airship Brigade.  A debutante from moneyed background, Katarina has a sharp mind and a sharper tongue!  She was tired of the droll and rigmarole of high society and much to her father’s chagrin, married a soldier.  Now she enjoys the heights of the ether and the adventure of the skies.

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Ben Gillies

Character Name: Cadet-Corporal Gillies
Information: An officer-cadet in Her Majesty’s Antipodean Dirigible Corps, Cadet-Corporal Gillies saw extensive action in the Bendigo Uprisings. Cadet-Corporal Gillies’ left arm was damaged by an insurgent tesla-round at the battle of Quarry Hill, but thanks to the work of The Royal Engineering Corps’ Augmentations Battalion, he has regained all functionality (and more)

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Alejandro Narvaez

Character Name: Commander Augustus “Strange” Cortez
Information: This is my costume from last halloween. I designed the whole costume, custom made the gun out of a playstaion light gun controller, did all the painting and electrical, also the respirator mask and hat I designed as well. I was pretty much going for a steampunk war vetran / bounty hunter look. I spent a weeks time morning to late night working on it.unfortunetly i didnt get to actually show it off for halloween as plans got completely messed up. I dont have a rear shot of the costume but i can take a pic of me wearing the trench coat so that you can see the detail of costume from behind. Also i have close up photos of the props incase it is needed.

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Andrew T. Henderson

Character Name: Andreas Kraken, Baron von Seeräuber
Information: The costume’s look is intended to be that of an aristocrat-adventurer: the Baron’s accessories are a combination of his own inventions and inheritances from earlier Krakens.
Clothing: Early 19th Century black silk coat/waistcoat (with green lining), red sash, ruffled shirt, breeches, riding boots.
1)A prosthetic arm with squid-motif pneumatic distributor and two alternative manipulators; the Kraken’s Beak (large claw) and a piston-driven gauntlet.
2) An illuminated prosthetic eye.
3) An elaborate sword with electroluminescent “blade”; The Kraken-Guericke Stromsäbel.
4) Antique boarding-harpoon pistol.

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Emily Green

Character Name: Aila Daerune
Information: This costume was made to be for high class Victorian lady. The costume is meant to be simple in color while also extravagant She has many accessories including: clock earrings, a clock hand choker, a pocket watch, a miniature top hat, a messenger bag, and a copper parasol. A copper hoop skirt which is shown from under the dress and a simple corset complete the outfit.

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Christopher Harvey

Character Name: Sir Quincy Peck, Ex-British Soldier, Occult Adventurer of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: SOFT: Soft pieces similar to a British soldier of the day include boots, pants, fancy button up shirt, dress jacket w/ tails, and pith helmet.
GEAR: Gear is all found and repurposed objects. The Sonic Blunderbuss™ is designed to store, modify, amplify, and direct the voice of its owner, it can be tuned from a wide dispersal for a shotgun-effect down to pinpoint accuracy at great distance.To use the weapon, the owner speaks into the microphone at the trigger end of the device, articulating the words or phrases that are appropriate for the situation. The weapon stores those words and processes them into the relevant sonic projectiles (adding any necessary waveform modulation). When the trigger is pulled, the sound is presented with monumental amplitude from the business end of the blunderbuss, at great peril to those foolish enough to remain in its path. The Portable Power Pack is a crucial component designed to generate steam on demand for the Blunderbuss, as it would be impractical (nigh impossible) to include an adequate steam boiler within the weapon itself. The pack derives its power from a vertically-mounted Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator which provides the wattage to heat the water in the small boiler at the bottom of the rig. The steam can then be safely dispensed as needed to the other team members’s weapons and gear through the removable high-pressure injectors, shown hanging on the left of each pack in the photos. Samurai sword used for closer combat situations.
OTHER: Signature pieces include pipe, war ribbons, patches and medals on jacket, plus feather and goggles on the pith helmet. Famous for hunting and beheading the elusive wendigo in the Canadian wilds. The head is currently being kept alive via the Shelley Technique in the WACKEE (Wendigo Anatomic Conservation and Kinetic Equilibrium Enhancer). (If chosen, can send photos of the WACKEE for a larger accessory reference.)

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Adam Baker

Character Name: Jasper Dunlap, Cowboy Adventurer of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: SOFT: Soft pieces similar to standard cowboy wear include boots, spurs, denim pants, button up shirt, leather vest and hat. Wrist guards made from boot tops.
GEAR: Gear is all found and repurposed objects. Each Plasma Pistol carries a miniature Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator, which powers the containment sphere. The excess power generated by the Emeraldic Energy Extrapolators is fed back through braided hoses to a small boiler and converted to steam. This steam is then stored under pressure in the cannisters on Jasper’s back. The pistols can be switched from plasma to steam power and back, depending on the type of adversary that is encountered, whether a spiritual or physical foe. Japser’s heavy leather gauntlets protect his forearms from any errant steam or plasma discharges.
OTHER: Signature mustache makes the ladies swoon. Famous for tracking and capturing a chupacabra. (If chosen, can send photos of the chupacabra in his cage as a larger accessory reference.)

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Leah D’Andrea

Character Name: Chloe Seachord, Aerial Sniper/Huntress (specializing in werewolf extermination) of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: SOFT: Soft pieces include pumps, knit spats, garter belt holding up spats, bustled skirt, leather corset with werewolf fur trim, and blue shrug with clasp.
GEAR: Gear is all found and repurposed objects. The Winnie Chester is a custom-built long rifle, based on the well-known Winchester rifle. It is used primarily to exterminate werewolves. The weapon can fire explosive silver-tipped rounds with deadly accuracy at a range of over one mile. The Aerial Maneuvering Equipment are retractable wing-like surfaces allowing unpowered, silent gliding from great heights with fine precision and control. Aerial attacks are sometimes launched from dirigibles, airships, or other flying machines, as well as from atop tall buildings or the occasional suspension bridge.
OTHER: Signature pieces include headband with ocular headpiece used for sighting target from great distances and compass for guidance. (If chosen, a larger accessory could be a werewolf. Would be happy to provide concept art for this.)

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Chris Lee

Character Name: Dr. Mortimer J. Torque, Inventor, Tinkerer, and Steamologist of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: SOFT: Soft pieces similar to gentleman of the day include boots, pants, fancy button up shirt w/ sleeve holders, vest and top hat.
GEAR: Gear is all found and repurposed objects. The Portable Power Pack is designed to generate steam on demand for The Device (an energy field detector). The pack derives its power from a vertically-mounted Emeraldic Energy Extrapolator which provides the wattage to heat the water in the small boiler at the bottom of the rig. The steam can then be safely dispensed as needed to the other team members’s weapons and gear through the removable high-pressure injectors, shown hanging on the left of each pack in the photos.
OTHER: Signature pieces include brass duck head cane and goggles, gun and holster belt, plus skeleton keys for accessing various areas of his secret laboratory. Famous for several mechanical inventions such as Scrappington Hauley (mechanical mule), H.A.R.O.L.D.E. (Heavy Ambulatory Rider Operated Load Dispatching Equipment, steam powered exosuit), and A.T.T. (Automatic Torque Telegrapher, communication device). (If chosen, can send photos of each of these as a larger accessory reference.)

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Tracy White

Character Name: Anita Busche – Jack Monteray’s wily sidekick and muse!
Information: Robust yet feminine. White blouse with gathered detail on shoulder and brass buttons.  Boned soft leather under-bust corset with lacing detail on the back; piping detail around edge of corset and shoulder straps. Leather belt with brass eyelets, fastened by twin belt pins & brass buckle with accessories (small leather bag on left and assortment of items such as keys, clock etc held on various chains). Blue lightweight fabric skirt with under petticoats; skirt can be varied in length, by shortening cords to create gathered effect. Black heavy opaque tights and black suede shoes with brass buckle detail; fairly high heels. Top hat with wide band and feather accessory with welding goggles.

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Peter Bell

Character Name: Jack Monteray, philanthropist and self-styled adventurer, companion to Anita Busche
Information: White dress shirt with long cuffs and brass poppers instead of cuff-links. Shirt collar worn up. Sleeve garters/armbands hold back the shirt sleeves. 2 bandolier style pouches on the upper left arm.  Thick woollen waistcoat with brass military buttons. Always wears a tie and button down braces (under the waistcoat). ‘Plus four’ breeches worn with boots and gaiters. Brown felt bowler hat (sometimes called a derby) with welding goggles and an ace of spades tucked under the band on one side.

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Catherine White

Character Name: Lady Wanda Royal Cartographer of the Canadian Scientific Aether Ship Acadia
Information: Lady Wanda was born to adventure, well it was either that or marry a boring bloke with money and produce lots of children.  To escape this “Genteel” life she joined the Royal Aether Forces, packing her bustle, and little else.  She learned the tricks of the trade and carries at all times a plasamographic-reintroceter (An awfully official sounding name for a glass you look through to see stuff) with which she uses to locate the currents in the aether as the airship travels through it to make accurate maps of the solar system.  Her case of maps, writing implements, and doodads is never far from grasp and as any true adventuress would know she always dons a smart hat and a well tailored uniform.

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Andrew Aulenback

Character Name: Chloe Seachord, Aerial Sniper/Huntress (specializing in werewolf extermination) of the Apparition Abolishers
Information: My name is Andrew Aulenback, of the Maritime Museum of the Atlantic in Halifax, Nova Scotia. The character portrayed is Gyro Engineer Second Grade Andreas Aulenbach, of the cartographic vessel CSAS Acadia. [Canadian Scientific Aetherographic Ship] The costume itself makes use of many historical elements, the clothes’ styles ranging in period from 1805 to 1895 [giving some  verisimilitude, I hope], and the tools themselves being actual engineer’s tools from the mid-1800s through the 1920s. More photographic evidence of this outfit can be found through the Jules Verne Phantastical Society on the internet.

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Tiffany Tran

Character Name: Lady Proserpine Sterlington
Information: The daughter of a British Lord and a Tonkinese princess, she enrolled in and graduated with Honors from the Royal Air Naval Academy and received a commission as a lieutenant navigator aboard the airship HMS Vigilant. The hatchet-rifle was a gift from a tribe of native Iroquois encountered during an expedition to explore possible settlement areas along the Eastern American coast. Her hand was badly mutilated when her corps fought alongside the Iroquois against hostile, rival tribe, and she was forced to craft a gauntlet to serve to protect the damaged hand. Her actions resulted in a field promotion to the rank of Brevet Captain. Later she was awarded the rank of Full Captain and currently leads the crew of the HMS Paradox, patrolling the Eastern Atlantic in search of pirates and slave galleys.

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Dana L. Lester

Character Name: Arvis P. Atwell
Information: Arvis is Confederate artillery/ordinance. Responsible for safe handling of various gun-powders and explosive gasses. The goggles are specially designed to protect the eyes from ultra bright flare such as a magnesium flash and are capable of deflecting at least some shrapnel. Since his gun-carriage is currently locked up in the ammo bunker he was forced to pose with rifle in hand.

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Emily Green

Character Name: Aila Nightwalker
Information: This costume is the alter ego of Aila Daerune as a steampunk assassin. It includes an eye patch, copper wrist cuffs, a choker, a bustle, a utility belt, a top hat, and a ray gun. A more intricate corset is the center piece for the outfit.

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