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iMech News 2.19.2013

Time for a steamy edition of iMech news! In this episode, we update you on Friday’s Steampunk preorders, show off Christophe Desse’s L’Estafette roadster, and finally show the Orb Ship I’ve been working on as well as put the 2nd Edition up for Preorders!

Fish-Fry Friday »


First up, the new fish sub, Prof. FichtenFoo’s Implausible Long-Nose Submersible goes up for preorder on Friday March 1, 2013 along with Christophe Desse’s Submariners and the Skipper. All three of these Steampunk-styled kits are in 1/35 scale. All three will be shipping in Early April at the latest. The Skipper is the long awaited pilot for the original Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible (which is in stock now) and comes with a new seat and control sticks. Will be great for ships, balloons, etc!

Prof. FichtenFoo’s Implausible Long-Nose Submersible » $99 + Shipping

Christophe Desse’s Submariners » $35 + Shipping

Christophe Desse’s Skipper » $18 + Shipping

submariners_lrg skipper_lrg longnosefish_07_lrg skipper_01_lrg submariners_01_lrg

L’Estafette Renders »

Christophe Desse has posted some fantastic renders of his upcoming 1/35 scale L’Estafette. I love these because they look like finished plastic figures. Cool stuff coming in May 2013!

gpu-w gpu-x gpu-y gpu-z

FichtenFoo’s Orb Ship Build-up »


I finished up my Orb Ship build-up last week after putting it aside for several months while working on other masters and product launches. It’s a really fun build and if you haven’t had a chance to get one, you can preorder the next edition on Friday. Here’s the pics of my build-up and more detailed info/tutorials on the build can be found on my blog at FichtenFoo.com.

Scott Robertson’s Orb Ship 2nd Ed Preorder »


The Scott Robertson 1/48 scale Orb Ship‘s 2nd Edition will be available for PREorder on Friday 3.1.2013 as well. This very large ship is $155 + Shipping.

Scott Robertson’s Orb Ship: Preorder Now!

Available Now For Preorder! $155.00*

Click to preorder the Scott Robertson Orb Ship »


Traverse the cosmos in the Orb Ship; designed by world-renowned concept designer Scott Robertson. This amazing and huge 1/48 scale model contains the following:

  • 46 Resin Parts
  • 1 Photoetch Brass Detail Sheet
  • 9 Laser-Cut Windows
  • Pilot Figure
  • Detailed Instructions w/Mini-Poster

The Orb Ship is approximately 12.5″ long and about 5-6″ tall depending on gear deployment. The orb is about 4.25″ wide. It’s impressively big when done!
* Plus USPS shipping charges. Rate B

Additional Product Images »

Preorder the Scott Robertson Orb Ship »

iMech News 8.28.2012

Been a few weeks (okay, 5 weeks) since the last update. I’ve been crazy busy getting the Fall wave of models ready for production and preorders. This update isn’t showing off any unannounced products, but will give you a better idea of what’s almost ready to go!

1/24 Sasha/Barrio Sale!

The introductory PREORDER SALE on the 1/24 scale Sasha and Barrio Guy will be ending on 8/31 2012. Preorder them now before the price jumps to the MSRP. I saw some samples before they went to my UK dist for painting and they look amazing. Collapse did a fine job on the casting. Preorder them here »



Prof. FichtenFoo’s Implausible Long-Nosed Submersible

The master for my new Fish Sub design is just about ready for production. The 3D pilot/seat designed by Christophe Desse was completed last night so as soon as I get thew print back, this goes to the caster. The photoetch and laser-cut windows are already done and in production. Here’s some images of the box art and master.

news2012-8-28-longnose fishsub2prog-04 fishsub2prog-05 fishsub2prog-03

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Scott Robertson’s Orbship

The Orbship is in production as we speak so I should be able to start preorders in next week. I recieved a sample batch of the laser-cut windows and they turned out really nice. Below is a pic of the windows as they come. They have a thin semi-clear plastic film on both sides that needs to be removed, but after you remove that film (which makes for a great mask!) the windows are super clear acrylic! I completed the box art and instructions are 99% done, just need to add the figure details to them.

orbshipinstoutsidesample2 orbshipinstinsidesample2 orbshiplablesample2 orbshipwindows-01

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Jake Parker’s Chompbot #5/Figures

The Chompbot is still in production. I should have a sample of the resin next week. The figures are also in production but those might take a little longer. Meanwhile, I completed the wrap-around labels for the figure boxes. Set A is the 4 Chomp Troopers and set B is both Chomp Pilots. Only the seated pilot comes with the Chompbot. The standing can be purchased separately and comes with an additional seated pilot perfect for using in cars, tanks, planes, etc!

cb510a-sample-boxlabel cb510b-sample-boxlabel

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Miguel Lopez’ Dustbuster

I’m starting the photoetch design, instructions and box art for this today. Meanwhile he’s a small image of the resin parts break-down.


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Release Calendar »

Please see here for the updated release calendar.


Preordered Item Updates! »

First up is the preorder info. I have several casters working diligently on getting these done so that I can get them out the door and into your hands.
Ian McQue’s Remora 3rd Ed: Sold out, Shipping This Week!
Deckhands 1/35: Small batches of deckhands are arriving and are shipping out as soon as they do. All orders should be filled within the next 2 weeks.
Deckhands 1/24:
Waiting on casts. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.
Sasha 1/24:
Waiting on casts. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.
Barrio 1/24:
Waiting on casts. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.
Barrio 1/35:
Waiting on casts. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.

Upcoming Preorders »

Upcoming preorder items: Chompbot #5, Chomp Troopers, Orbship, Dustbuster, and Ian McQue’s Sky Mark.


Restocks! »

Sasha 1/35, 1/32: Next batch coming soon for preorder!
Hornethopter: Lots of interest in this little beastie after we sold the last 10 at Wonderfest. I’ll attempt to restock these in October…. need to get some of our new scheduled releases out the door first and get the new pilots and pilot set printed.
FichtenFoo’s Fish-Shaped Submersible: Gave the master back to the caster to start molding for a 6th run! Ready to preorder mid-September
Kastor: Same as the Hornethopter… planning to restock this one early Fall 2012.

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Scott Robertson Orbship Renders


Scott Robertson sent me the latest, near complete renders of the 1/48 scale Orbship.He’ll be adding some color to these and I’ll be doing some hand-tweaks as prescribed by Scott to the master print, but it’s just about ready to go. Oh, and need to finalize the photoetch portions as well. Look for the Orbship in July!


Also, if you haven’t already done so, get his latest book: Blast! It’s a total bla… well, I need not resort to bad puns, but it’s great so check it out!