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Industria Mechanika to Collaborate with Game Studio Vaylr on Kickstarter Campaign Reward

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Last month I mentioned that we were doing a lot of client work that we were not allowed to discuss yet. The first of these client projects went live today and now I can spill some beans! (Not all the beans, but a nice sampling)

Vaylr Studios is running a kickstarter campaign to get funding for their upcoming first-person action horror game called “Pray for Dark”. “In Pray For Dark™ you play as Angel (aka Sewer Man), a rogue assassin hunter who is forced down into the “Hell” beneath a once great city now ruled by corruption and crime. Only you have the unique power to kill a massive legion of mutant beasts and their malevolent leader known as the Queen Mother …or you’ll die tryin’.

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It has a unique steampunk vibe to the setting with cool characters inspired and licensed by gothic fantasy artist BROM. As a fan of both Steampunk and BROM, as well as an avid gamer, I’m pretty excited about this title.

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Industria Mechanika’s role is to produce one of the backer rewards in their Kickstarter fundraising campaign. Angel has a cool sidearm named Lil’ J.O.E.. We’re producing a strict limited edition 1:1 scale garage kit of Lil’ J.O.E. which will be available to those who pledge the minimally required amount to get that reward.

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The Lil’ J.O.E. kit will contain resin kit parts, both clear and opaque, leather strapping, and photoetched brass. Each kit will also contain a multi-part resin stand in order to display your completed Lil’ J.O.E.!

Check out the Kickstarter campaign (watch the video!) as well as the press release for more details, and if you can, please donate to make this game a reality. looks like a lot of fun!

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