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Introducing ‘Collaborator Products’ in the iMech Shop!

We have many talented collaborators, both announced and unannounced, and do what we can to help them promote their ideas and designs. Some of our collaborators have very cool existing product lines which we cannot affordably stock ourselves for you, (due to shipping to us then back to you, etc…) but can instead provide a gateway for you to order them direct from their artists.

The first of our collaborators to try this with us is Walter Pezzali. You might recognize his retro Futuristic robots designs. I’ve built one myself and have several more in my stash. They’re very fun and easy to assemble. We have 5 of his robot kits in the Futuristic Shop and will soon have Futuristic prints and post cards as well. Check out the Futuristic Shop on Industria Mechanika!

Soon we’ll be bringing 1/20 scale Industria Mechanika/Futuristic collaborative releases to the iMech shop. More on that soon.

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