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All of the entries are in and now it’s time to vote!We have 20 really fantastic (extraordinary even!) entries. Click below to view all of the entries, read the voting guidelines, and then vote for your favorite. Remember, the winner gets a kit made from their entry to choose what/who you want to build and paint!

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Polls end June 30th 2012. While no more entries are being accepted, you can still click here to see the contest rules and guidelines.

Steampunk Costume Contest

We’ve decided to add some Steampunk figures to our 1/35 scale line to go with our Steampunk model kit releases. Vehicles such as the Fish Shaped Submersible, Hornethopter, and the upcoming Steam Car and Squid-Shaped Submersible. We have many figure ideas but thought “wouldn’t it be cool if we got the community involved?”. And that’s how this contest idea came about.

You can now have the chance to become immortalized in your best Steampunk attire as a scale model kit!

Dress for Success!

Many in the Steampunk community create some fantastic outfits which they wear to shows, cons, etc… Email us some photos (see rules) of you in your favorite Steampunk era outfit and you might be chosen to become a figure model kit. The outfit can include accessories such as rayguns, packs, etc., but even a cool simplified Steampunk/Victorian outfit could make for a great figure.

The Rules »

Here’s a few rules and guidelines for this contest.

  1. Contestant should submit photo of themselves only. Group-shots wouldn’t work well for the modeler. You cannot submit photos of someone else so some wort of proof will be required. (proof type TBD)
  2. Must submit no more than 4 photos and no less than 2 photos. Must have a front and rear shot. A close-up head-shot would be great as well, but not necessary unless you are chosen. More photos of detail areas may be requested of the winner(s)
  3. Total photo submission should be less than 4mb. That’s more for my drive-space benefit than anything else. If we need higher res, we’ll definitely ask for it.
  4. Blurry photos are frowned upon. Since this is a photo contest, we need to be able to see details. Take the best shots you can!
  5. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: We will stop accepting photo submissions on June 1st, 2012 at midnight EST. Any submissions after that will be discarded.
  6. One grand prize winner will be chosen by a combination of public votes and judge votes. (details to come) Other unofficial “runners-up” winners may be chosen by Industria Mechanika to be made into figures as well based on costume and how well we think it will translate into a marketable figure kit. It’d be silly to just do one if there’s several kit-worthy submissions!
  7. Winner(s) will be required to sign consent forms allowing us to use their likeness as a figure kit.
  8. If Grand Prize winner cannot prove costumed likeness is theirs, sign consent form, or meet requirements for contest, Grand prize will be forfeited and move to the 2nd place winner.
  9. Any prior-copyrighted materials in costume may need to be changed prior to model sculpting to avoid copyright infringement.

How To Enter »

You’ve read the rules and submission guidelines right? Great! Now that that’s done, you can email your submission to the following email address. Please include the following information: Real name, character name, email address, and a brief description of your costume.

The Prizes »

Here are the prizes so far. If anyone wishes to donate a prize, please contact us.

Grand Prize: Winner’s likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (50mm) figure kit. Two copies of your kit with the option to have one pre-painted by a figure modeler. One copy of the upcoming Squid-Shaped Submersible model kit.

Runner-Up Prizes: In the event we chose more submissions to be sculpted into kits, those entrants will receive: Their own runner-Up’s likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (50mm) figure kit. Two copies of the runner-up kit.

Philippe Bouchet’s (aka Manchu) Upcoming “Steam Car”


I wanted to take this opportunity to show off another few collaborators and their upcoming product. This “Steam Car” with trailer is scheduled to be our September 2012 release. The Steam Car artist, Philippe Bouchet also known as Manchu,(see his Concept Ships stuff too) is an amazing science fiction illustrator. He emailed us asking about collaboration and sent a pile of paintings. As soon as I saw the Steam Car with Trailer I knew it’d be a great fit in our line of products. I connected him with the talented Bruce Lee, a hard-surface 3D artist to collaborate on the production model.

manchusteamcar-05 manchusteamcar-03

Philippe wanted to make changes from his original painting to improve upon the design. The Steam Car is now sportier and more detailed. Also as the model progresses he is providing Bruce with amazing sketches and details to make this release as realistic/plausible as possible. These latest images provided by Bruce today show the latest progress. They’re already tearing into it to improve the suspension (front suspension cross-bar would hit car nose on a bump in the road at the moment) and grille area. After that they’ll be moving onto other details such as the interior and front fender. The collaboration process to bring this to life is amazing to watch.

manchusteamcar-06 manchusteamcar-08

1/35 or 1/24 Scale? What Would You Prefer?

We’re not quite 100% as to what the scale will be. I asked on Facebook last week about preferred scale, but didn’t show or say what the kit would be. We do a lot of 1/35 scale steampunk releases, but this might be a nice bigger change of pace in 1/24 scale. It would be roughly 13.5in long at 1/24 and 9.25in long at 1/35. So now that you see it, check out the New Facebook Thread or post on our forum what your preferred scale for this would be.

Scheduled Release: September 2012

iMech News 2.15.2101

Another month and time for another iMech news update! This time we show off some Ian McQue’s Remora build-ups and the latest for the upcoming  figure, set, a cool new Flyer from Christophe Desse, and the long awaited progress shots of Scott Robertsons Orbship!

Christophe Desse’s Red Star 47


I first saw a photo of this cool Russian looking flyer by Christophe Desse, a 3D artist for Naughtydog, a few years back on the Concept Ships blog. I loved the design, saved it to my HD, but thought I was looking at a photo of a finished model kit so I didn’t attempt to contact Christophe about producing it. Luckily, he contacted us and as it turns out, the image was not a finished model, just a 3D render made to look like a completed toy/model.


Christophe has been hard at work making small design changes to the flyer and designing all new figures to go with the kit. Look for the Red Star 47 flyer to be available for preorder November 2012.

KIT RELEASE DATE: November 2012


Scott Robertson’s Orbship


Been a while since we had news of this, but here are some in-progress renders of Scott Robertson’s 1/48 scale Orbship. Scott is still fine-tuning and adding details and 3D artist friend of his is working on a figure to accompany it.



Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein


Frankie is at the caster slated for an April 2012 release. Meanwhile I’ve been working on gathering materials and doing the print work for the kit. Because it’s really cool, I wanted to show off the chain maille that will come with the kit. It’s hard to see in the renders, but there’s a bit of maille under the belt and shoulder armor. Each kit will come with a 3 inch square sheet of 1/8″ steel ring maille to use to complete the kit.



Ian McQue Figure Set #1

Here’s a few shots of the 3rd figure in the upcoming Ian McQue figure set. Like the Rigger and Mopper, this waving crewman figure was modeled by Rishi Nandlaskar. Watch for upcoming shots of the final two in the set!



“Ian McQue’s Remora” Build-ups!


Some really great build-ups of the First Edition Remora kits are appearing on our forums. Check them out here and leave the modelers some comments. I (FichtenFoo) finished my two Remora a few weeks ago. (pics here) The blue one is mine and the red was done for Ian based on the box art. He should receive it any day now so I can’t wait to hear what he thinks!

There’s still a few 2nd Edition Remora kits available for preorder. Click here to place a preorder of Ian McQue’s Remora.


Dmitry Parkin’s Vampire Preorder Info

The Dmitry Parkin Vampire is available for preorder right now and will be shipping next week. Watch for an upcoming build-up of the Vampire by the very talented Rick Cantu of Dragonstooth Miniatures!


iMech News 1-23-2012

Welcome to another edition of iMech News! This time we’ll announce a new upcoming FichtenFoo/MechaSkunk product collaboration, a new Ian McQue product, preorders and restocks, and some new pics of upcoming releases.

FichtenFoo’s Squid-Shaped Submersible!

This counterpart to the steampunk-styled Fish-Shaped Submersible was started by hand almost a year ago, but due to a less than awesome 3D print of the drill, was put on hold. Rob Fuchs of MechaSkunk who did the drill 3D file for me originally has taken on finishing the rest of the craft in 3D based on my sketches and half-done master parts. He’s adding some of his own touches and the progress is awesome. Can’t wait to see how the dive-planes and interior look. While the Fish-Sub is a peaceful civilian styled craft, the Squid is indeed a predator. Using the enormous screw propeller to streak through the water, it can ram vessels or use its tentacles and “beak” drill to fill their hulls full of holes. A true terror of the deep! 1/35 Scale! Look for the squid to be available late-summer 2012.

Discuss Squid-Shaped Submersible in the Forum!

squidsub-01 squidsub-02 squidsub-03

Here’s my initial sketch with completely outdated notes.


Chompbot #5’s 3D Print and More Jake Parker Figures

Ownage sent us these images of the 3D print before they ship it to Jeff Brewer, the 3D/traditional sculptor who will be adding some final touches by hand. The bot is roughly 8.5″ (215mm) tall and looks to be a very fun build-up. The body is hollow to allow for lighting.

img_8239 img_8240 img_8241

Jose Alves da Silva is almost done with the Chompbot Figure Set as well, and here’s a look at two more figures in-progress. The other figures can be seen in the last news update here.

chompbotfigs-01 chompbotfigs-02

Ian McQue Figure Set #1

We’d hoped to have this done before releasing the Remora, but it is coming! Here’s a preview of two of the five figures coming soon in the first Ian McQue Figure Set. The “Mopper” and the “Rigger”. These figures, sketched by Ian and 3D sculpted by Rishi Nandlaskar will look great on the deck of the Remora and future Ian McQue ship releases. We hope to release these in Spring 2012. 1/35 Scale!

mcque-01 mcque-02

Ian McQue’s original character sketches:


Vampire, Fish-Sub, and Remora Preorders

The Dmitry Parkin Vampire and FichtenFoo’s Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible are avaiable for preorder right now and will both be shipping in Early February. The Remora will be back up for preorder on January 31st 2012 and will ship sometime in March.


The Hornethopter » Completed Build-up


Below are Michael Fichtenmayer aka FichtenFoo’s final painted-up images of The Hornethopter. This was done using buffable Mr. Metal Color paints to create a dark green-bronze, steel, and brass finish. The sky is the limit however when it comes to paint-schemes! Post images of your painted Hornethopters in the forum. We’ll add them to our gallery and if *really* awesome, they may see a post on the homepage as well!

Purchase your Hornethopter here »

Discuss this build-up in our forums here »

FichtenFoo’s Hornethopter Pre-Build


Here’s some shots of FichtenFoo’s upcoming steampunk themed Hornethopter. These are images of the kit pre-built and temporarily tacked together for photos before I finish the minor clean-ups and start painting.You might see some yellowish temporary latex adhesive on the legs and head along with some white “blu-tack” used for temporarily building it. You’ll also notice the missing clear windscreen. That part is still in production as I haven’t received my sample for the build-up yet. I’ve also not-yet added the rigging. But I did want to show you guys how cool it looks. Believe it or not, when put together it’s bigger than the Fish-Sub!

Most of the Hornethopter’s first edition has been reserved. The remaining kits will be added to the Industria Mechanika Shop in a few days where they can be preordered.

Estimated Release Date: September 5th, 2011     Price: $80.00 USD + Shipping.

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