iMech News 7.22.2012

Hello again everyone and once again, Happy Anniversary to us! Be sure to read the anniversary blog post and enter our giveaway! Now onto the news…

Scott Roberson Orbship »

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First up, I finished the detailing of the Orbship master parts. I can’t stress enough just how large this thing is in 1/48 scale. The ship is also hollow which will allow for some great and easy lighting to be done!  The photoetch is underway and should be completed within the next week. We’re trying something new with this release and that is laser-cut windows. If this works out, you can expect more laser-cut add-ins for future products such as pre-cut window glass, hornethopter wing panels, wood decking, etc…

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Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein »

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The first sample of Frankenstein is on its way to me, should have it tomorrow or Tuesday. Once it arrives I can start on the instructions and box-art. Thankfully my caster has a LOT of different sized boxes and was able to pack him into a box, nicely padded, with a little room to spare which will then fit into a postal large flat rate box. I was worried he might be too large to fit, but now that’s one less thing for me to worry about.
Preorder Frankenstein here »


1/35 and 1/24 Deckhands »

I’m sorry to say that there has been some production delays on these. About a month ago I readied 30+ preorder boxes for shipping with lables and customs forms filled out and ready to go expecting a batch of 35  of the 1/35 scaledeckhands from one of my casters in the mail. It never arrived. Since then he’s been having trouble remolding the hand on one of them which has made the delay worse. He expects to have the molds ready in a few days and will be making additional-molds (more than usual) to speed-up the process. We’re terribly sorry about this and are working to remedy this as fast as possible. Obviously all this extra time has pushed back his work on the 1/24 scale deckhands as well, but I got two samples from him the other day and they’re awesome! Here’s a pic:

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Release Calendar »

Please see here for the updated release calendar.

Preordered Item Updates! »

First up is the preorder info. I have several casters working diligently on getting these done so that I can get them out the door and into your hands.
Adrian Smith’s Frankenstein:
Shipping ~August 7th Preorder Frankenstein here »
Ian McQue’s Remora 3rd Ed: Shipping ~August 7th Preorder Remora here »
Deckhands 1/35: The box of casts was lost in the mail almost 4 weeks ago. We’re working on the next batch as fast as we can. Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.
Deckhands 1/24:
Waiting on casts Once I receive them I’ll box and ship immediately as usual.

Upcoming Preorders »

Upcoming preorder items: Chompbot #5, Chomp TroopersSasha 1/24, Barrio Guy 1/35, Barrio Guy 1/24, Orbship, and Dustbuster.

Restocks! »

Sasha 1/35: Next batch coming soon for preorder!
Hornethopter: Lots of interest in this little beastie after we sold the last 10 at Wonderfest. I’ll attempt to restock these in August or September…. need to get some of our new scheduled releases out the door first.
FichtenFoo’s Fish-Shaped Submersible: Gave the master back to the caster to start molding for a 6th run! Planning to restock this one early Fall 2012.
Kastor: Same as the Hornethopter… planning to restock this one early Fall 2012.

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