3D Modeler Needed for Vehicle Concept

Usually I wouldn’t do this, but I have an idea that, with the help of a fantastic concept artist, is being fleshed out and in need of a 3D modeler to complete for an early 2014 release. I can’t say what the idea is just yet, but we’re looking for someone who specializes in mechanical, hard-surfaces modeling to collaborate with us on this project/product line.

I’m looking for someone who can do that over-detailed modern sci-fi look like one might see on movies such as Transformers, Battleship, Pacific Rim, coupled with smoother elements like those from Tron Uprising, Metal Gear Solid 4, etc…for a vehicle design.

Compensation is based on profit sharing. It’s not a lot (depending on the release), but most of us just do this on the side of our day jobs because we love modeling and seeing cool new ideas come to life. It’s like a labor of love with a cash bonus. 🙂

Contact me (Michael Fichtenmayer aka FichtenFoo) here with a link to your online portfolio and any other details I should know. Thanks!