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Dmitry Parkin Vampire Master Print

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I received the print of the Dmitry Parkin Vampire yesterday and just had to immediately take pics to show it off. The 1/6 scale print is amazingly detailed and really brings this creature sculpt to life.There’s only 6 printed parts to this kit, but each part fits perfectly and is beautifully detailed.

The complete final print w/base stands 10.75 inches / 270mm!

I am waiting on an order of photoetch for the arrow feathers (which will look amazing with their individually etched hairy strands)  and will include resin arrow shafts/heads to match the original artwork.

Here’s the rest of the pics!

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Dmitry Parkin Collaboration

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Industria Mechanika would like to announce our collaboration with Dmitry Parkin, an award-winning 3D sculptor who’s specialty is dark fantasy character and creature designs. He’s done work as a freelance artist for games such as Killzone 3, Fallout 3, Aliens: Colonial Marinets, and more. Dmitry was the 3d ultimate champion on Dominance War III.

We’re in the 3D print phase of producing Dmitry’s horrifying Vampire figure. A very creepy and cool take on this mythological monster. This piece is 1/6 scale. Price and release date to be determined.

He’s also working on a modified version of the Gargoyle in 1/6 scale complete with Gothic architectural base.

You can see more of Dmitry’s works on his website: ParkParkin.

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Samples of Dmitry Parkin’s Works »

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Adrian Smith Concept Designs

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Industria Mechanika would like to take this moment to announce our next collaborating concept artist: Adrian Smith! Adrian is a fantastically talented illustrator and concept artist and will be working with us to create some cool original figure & character kits. You’ve probably seen his illustrations and concepts for Games Workshop.

Adrian is currently working on some concept sketches for an upcoming Industria Mechanika figure release. Check back soon to see what he comes up with. I’ve seen some of the preliminary sketches and it’s going to be amazing!

Here’s a small sampling of the works of Adrian Smith. More can be seen on his official website and his CGhub page.

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