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Red Star 47 Release Updates

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Due to a delay in the Squid Sub digital master, the Red Star 47 is getting bumped up to Late Summer 2012. Augustish we think. I know it’s hard to wait, but meanwhile enjoy these images of the two figure sets that will be available alongside the release as well as a few color-schemes. Price TBD.

Red Star Crew Set

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Red Star Pilot Set

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Derek Stenning’s Dystopic

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Been a while since I’ve posted about this Derek Stenning/Born in Concrete release. 3D artist Gene Campbell has been hard at work putting the finishing touches on the 3D and now he’s ready for print with a tentative August 2012 release date. Because we’ll be doing a series of Derek’s figures in  a large 1/6 scale, (a female release next) the concrete base-chunk from the painting was done away with in favor of a larger orb base with a flat bottom. The concrete base was done in 3D, but the high print cost and sheer size of it (3/4 of the entire kit bulk) would make the kit not very affordable. (plus the international shipping would be excessive due to the estimated over 4lb weight) The three of us decided to focus instead on the figure portion of the kit and provide a base-type that can be used throughout the series and look nice together.

Be sure to click “full size” on these render images when they pop-up to see all of the amazing detail!

[singlepic id=611 w=420 h= float=]

The plan is for the orb-base to be produced hollow for reduced kit and shipping costs. The modeler can then fill the orb with weights of their choice in order to have a stable platform for the off-centered figure pose.

[singlepic id=610 w=420 h= float=]

As you an see in these hi-res renders, Gene has added a lot of great texture detail to the 3D model. I think that surface texture detail will make this will be a joy to paint and display. Price: TBD

[singlepic id=608 w=420 h= float=]

Be sure to click “full size” on these render images when they pop-up to see all of the amazing detail!

[singlepic id=609 w=420 h= float=]


Michael Herm’s ‘Rook’ and ‘Pawn Brigade’

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Here’s a little something cool that we’ve been working on behind the scenes. A while back, Michael Herm contacted us to see if we’d be interested in producing his ‘Rook’ walking tank as a model kit. Having seen this before, as many people forwarded the video to me to show how my own FichtenFoo walking tanks would work, I immediately said YES! It’s a very cool design and as always open for all sorts of modifications and possibilities.

Scale: 1/35    Price: TBD for both sets   Release Date: Winter 2012

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Michael Herm started his profession as an animator at a games company in early 2000. He then moved on to study animation at the HFF “Konrad Wolf” in Potsdam, graduating with his diploma thesis on showreels and the animated short Chump And Clump, which was shown at numerous festivals worldwide and won several awards.Michael is mostly doing freelance work and specializes in CG character design, modeling, rigging and animation for animated short films. Some of his work can be seen in renowned short films such as The Monster Of Nix, by Studio Rosto A.D, for which he sculpted rigged and animated all the villager heads among other things. And also the Talking Animals Studio productions Flamingo Pride and Rising Hope, where he was responsible for modeling, rigging and animating many characters. Check out his show-reel here.

[singlepic id=605 w=420 h= float=]

Michael redesigned the legs and added an interior and missile hatches to his original design. The leg internals have been simplified to be able to be produced in this scale, but he redesigned them in such a way that they’re still very nicely detailed and even posable.

[singlepic id=603 w=420 h= float=]

He then went about designing some figures to go with it which we dubbed the ‘Pawn Brigade’ to go with the chess-name of the Rook. This also opens up possibilities for other versions based on this walking chassis in the future. (Knight, Bishop, King and Queen perhaps? Could be cool!)

[singlepic id=598 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=599 w=420 h= float=]

The Rook will come with two seated pilot figures and the three Pawn Brigade figures will be sold in a separate set. The figure holding the binoculars can also fit into the hatch of the Rook as an alternative pilot.

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Images and Video »

Here’s a gallery of Rook/Pawn renders and the original video showing how this beastie would walk in real life.

[nggallery id=57]

ROOK Mech Walker from Talking Animals on Vimeo.

Steampunk Costume Contest

We’ve decided to add some Steampunk figures to our 1/35 scale line to go with our Steampunk model kit releases. Vehicles such as the Fish Shaped Submersible, Hornethopter, and the upcoming Steam Car and Squid-Shaped Submersible. We have many figure ideas but thought “wouldn’t it be cool if we got the community involved?”. And that’s how this contest idea came about.

You can now have the chance to become immortalized in your best Steampunk attire as a scale model kit!

Dress for Success!

Many in the Steampunk community create some fantastic outfits which they wear to shows, cons, etc… Email us some photos (see rules) of you in your favorite Steampunk era outfit and you might be chosen to become a figure model kit. The outfit can include accessories such as rayguns, packs, etc., but even a cool simplified Steampunk/Victorian outfit could make for a great figure.

The Rules »

Here’s a few rules and guidelines for this contest.

  1. Contestant should submit photo of themselves only. Group-shots wouldn’t work well for the modeler. You cannot submit photos of someone else so some wort of proof will be required. (proof type TBD)
  2. Must submit no more than 4 photos and no less than 2 photos. Must have a front and rear shot. A close-up head-shot would be great as well, but not necessary unless you are chosen. More photos of detail areas may be requested of the winner(s)
  3. Total photo submission should be less than 4mb. That’s more for my drive-space benefit than anything else. If we need higher res, we’ll definitely ask for it.
  4. Blurry photos are frowned upon. Since this is a photo contest, we need to be able to see details. Take the best shots you can!
  5. DEADLINE FOR SUBMISSIONS: We will stop accepting photo submissions on June 1st, 2012 at midnight EST. Any submissions after that will be discarded.
  6. One grand prize winner will be chosen by a combination of public votes and judge votes. (details to come) Other unofficial “runners-up” winners may be chosen by Industria Mechanika to be made into figures as well based on costume and how well we think it will translate into a marketable figure kit. It’d be silly to just do one if there’s several kit-worthy submissions!
  7. Winner(s) will be required to sign consent forms allowing us to use their likeness as a figure kit.
  8. If Grand Prize winner cannot prove costumed likeness is theirs, sign consent form, or meet requirements for contest, Grand prize will be forfeited and move to the 2nd place winner.
  9. Any prior-copyrighted materials in costume may need to be changed prior to model sculpting to avoid copyright infringement.

How To Enter »

You’ve read the rules and submission guidelines right? Great! Now that that’s done, you can email your submission to the following email address. Please include the following information: Real name, character name, email address, and a brief description of your costume.

The Prizes »

Here are the prizes so far. If anyone wishes to donate a prize, please contact us.

Grand Prize: Winner’s likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (50mm) figure kit. Two copies of your kit with the option to have one pre-painted by a figure modeler. One copy of the upcoming Squid-Shaped Submersible model kit.

Runner-Up Prizes: In the event we chose more submissions to be sculpted into kits, those entrants will receive: Their own runner-Up’s likeness in costume made into a 1/35 scale (50mm) figure kit. Two copies of the runner-up kit.

Ian McQue’s 1/35 Deckhands Series #1 Preorder Starts 4.4.2012

We will start taking preorders for Ian McQue’s Deckhands Series #1 figure set (1/35 only at this time) on April 4th, 2012. The set will cost $35.00 USD + Shipping and consists of 12 resin parts and detailed instructions. We expect to start shipping them in May. As soon as we have more info on the 1/24 preorder start date, we will let you know. Click here to go to the order page, but remember: the preorder doesn’t start until 4.4.2012.

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Ian McQue Deckhands: Now in 1/24 too!

[singlepic id=575 w=420 h= float=]

You heard us… Actually, you TOLD us and we listened! The Ian McQue’s Deckhands Series #1 will also be produced in 1/24 scale as well. They won’t be ready to ship when the 1/35 version is ready, but not more than a month or so after we think.

And because you asked for it, Jose Alves da Silva’s Sasha the Welding Girl and Barrio Guy will also be available in 1/24 around the same time.

So check back and watch for that or click the notify link over there in the sidebar.

1/35 Deckhands Series #1 Prints »

I received the prints yesterday, checked them and immediately shipped them off to one of our casters. We can expect these in about a month or 2 now so definitely sooner than the original July estimate. Watch for the preorders to begin. Here’s the photos I snapped of the prints before shipping them out:

[singlepic id=571 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=572 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=573 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=574 w=420 h= float=]

Jose Alves da Silva’s Barrio Guy

[singlepic id=563 w=420 h= float=]

Coming soon from Industria Mechanika and Jose Alves da Silva: The Barrio Guy. This tough-looking figure will be produced in 1/35 AND 1/24 scale. Price on each is TBD. Look for the Barrio Guy to hit the streets by July 2012. To get notified by email on the Barrio Guy (and other products) release date and price announcement, please click here.

Ian McQue’s Deckhands Series #1

[singlepic id=558 w=420 h= float=]

Coming in July, if not a little sooner, Ian McQue’s Deckhands Series #1. This will be the first set of three figures designed by Ian McQue and sculpted by CGHub contest winner Rishi Nandlaskar. Below you can see images of the master 3D prints assembled and in their un-built parts. We’re not sure of a final price yet but check back soon for that. You can get an email notification to let you know when the preorder date is set (along with the final price) by clicking here.

[singlepic id=561 w=420 h= float=]

[singlepic id=560 w=420 h= float=]

This graphic shows the final print size of the 3 figures in millimeters, along with the Remora’s captain* (*not included in this set).

[singlepic id=562 w=420 h= float=]

Jake Parker’s Chompbot No. 5 and Chomp Troopers Sets

[singlepic id=477 w=420 h= float=]

Wanted to let everyone know that this project is pretty much done except for the 3D printing and about to go into productions by showing off some colorizations of the 3D renders and announcing the release date of Late June 2012. Still working on the final cost yet however… that usually happens once it goes to the caster for a quote.

[singlepic id=478 w=420 h= float=]

There will be two sets available. The Chompbot No. 5 w/ Pilots Set & The four-figure Chomp Trooper Set.

[singlepic id=479 w=420 h= float=]

The figures in both sets are 50mm which makes them the same size as a 1/35 scale figure. We did this so that they can be used with other 1/35 scale accessories and vehicle kits. We’re thoughtful that way!

[singlepic id=481 w=420 h= float=]

This is a different, very fun, less serious kind of model-kit release that we think you’ll enjoy. Please help spread the help and share this where you can to help us create some buzz. We hope to be able to bring you more of this sort of thing in the coming months. Thanks!

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New ‘Red Star 47’ Images and Figure Sets

[singlepic id=472 w=420 h= float=]

Christophe Desse uploaded and sent me more images of the upcoming 1/35 scale Red Star Flyer and the two figure sets that will be available with it. You can see the added detail on the flyer coupled with photoetch for some of the thinner detailed parts and this will be a very cool release. A seated pilot figure will be included. Two additional figure sets designed by Christophe will be available as well.

[singlepic id=473 w=420 h= float=]

Pilot Set

This set will contain the two at-attention pilots, one drunken pilot, and their commanding officer.

Ground Crew Set

This set will contain the three suited ground-crew figures.

Keep watching for more information on these kits. Their ETA is November 2012.

Additional New Images in the Gallery »

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