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iMech 2014 Model of the Year Final Round!

In the first round of judging, 5 judges rated each entry on a scale of 1-10 for a total score of 50. This first round determined the top 5 pieces to move onto the final, public round of voting. (Click here to see all entries) The final % of this round and the judge voting will be averaged to determine the final score. I’ll reveal the scores of every kit as well as the judges comments to avoid influencing the results of this round.

Please vote only once and try not to cheat by making it a popularity contest. Be respectful to each entry and judge each model on its own merits. Look at the pics closely, look for the little details that made these the top five, then choose which one you think deserves the title of 2014 Model of the Year. Thanks!

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Nick Ogden [Remora Island]

Remora Island is what happens when Avatar meets Roger Dean meets Para Handy . (If you are unfamiliar with the last two names a quick Google search will enlighten you more ). It is what I came up with after a throw away remark several years ago by Marc Reusser on the Finescale Railroader as to why a flying ship would need sand ladders . To make it easier to get ashore onto a floating Island , obviously! The story I have made up is that at some point in the past the Island was attached to the mainland and over time large chunks detached themselves from it , until the section I built came adrift . Over time the edges eroded giving a more rounded shape . At the time that it broke away the mine winch was hauling up a rake of mine tubs to the surface . The winch was on the mainland side and the tubs were on what became the Island , which resulted in the tubs being hauled up to the surface faster than normal . Just as they were about to plunge over the edge of the newly formed Island the cable snapped leaving them dangling half on and half off . After a number of years being subject to various extremes of weather the mine tubs are showing distinct signs of being passed their best , and it won’t be many more years before they disappear altogether . The Island hopping tramp steamer Lorelei has just moored up to have a look around and the crew are having a look down what is left of the mine . Hence there is no one in sight . For construction I started with a disc of half inch ply attached to a large dowel through which I bolted it to the base . The basic shape was made with styrofoam sheets glued top and bottom onto the ply base and then numerous home made plaster castings of rock work were fixed to the styrofoam . After painting , various scenery techniques and materials were employed to give a well vegetated feel to the Island . The mine tubs were scratch built using aluminium foil and acid etched to give the rusty look . The ruined block building was constructed with individual concrete blocks from a mould acquired from Diorama Debris .


Nicolas Rouanet [Sky Mark]

The Chameleon corp. is a major freight company in south west. They operate a large park of Skymarks to guide their air ships. Bob is a Chameleon corp. maintenance operator, he came on his jet side car to replace some cabling on the C-3 platform that was damaged during a recent storm. This diorama was my main project for the World Model Expo in Stresa (Italy). The Skymark’s engine is scratch built, the jet side car is converted from a US army side car. It was the first time I worked with so much photo-etch parts, I learned a lot. Mainly painted with airbrush and Vallejo acrylics and weathered with Ammo products.


Georges Le Bras [Remora “Ketchup or mustard ?”]

The Remora has been the hardest and the longest diorama I ever made !!! This was originaly dedicaced to the World Expo in Stres / Italy in July 2014. As I’m a big fan of Bruce Willis and the Fifth Element movie by Luc Besson, I’ve been hunted by this scene when Korben Dallas is ordering food from a flying Japanese restaurant !!! That was the start. The Remora boat is a huge project but the Ian McQue’s world is so imaginative and funny that it was impossible not to follow that ways !! As for the Kastor, the hair spray technique is back on my workbench. I added hundreds of new details : wires, lights, boxes, antennas, a roof for the crane, a propeller for electricity, … Remaining parts from order kits are so useful. Lot of hours to paint from creating colourful effects … A lot of paint bottles need to be refill. My mind has been searching for a long while to find the best way to handle the boat off the ground. A special attention has been taken to be able to travel by car !! Very enjoying funny work. The first idea was to build a restaurant in a world victim of precarity … But with thousands of ideas to recycle engines, corrugated irons, signs, panels … Modern Mad Max in a peaceful world !!! Only the container has been bought from Italery. The now is the frame of the restaurant. All other parts are hand-made. Around 95% scratchbuilt !!! Very funny work, lots of Evergreen cut and glued all together, hundreds of CD listened, liters of coffee, drops of blood when replacing the knife sharp blades, … No way to reach the finish line as far new ideas were coming ! And finally, the restaurant turned into a upper terrace, a lounge, a space deck, and a garage for maintenance ! Everything you need for a rest and to take the hover road back … The diesel generator, the garage, the pump, the fuel tanks, are hand-made. The base is made with plywood recovered with sheets of plastic. As for the Remora, the hair spray technique is used to create a lively scene. Deckhands and birds bring live on the platform. And as it is almost midday, it’s time to have a beer and a little rest …


Tuan Cuong Chu [Dragonfly]

“I would like to share my latest build: 1/35 Dragonfly from industriamechanika. The kit’s quality is awesome and I’m very excited with my build. I tried to replicate the mech-dragonfly with metalic look and shiny. I also scratchbuild some wires to make the model look more convincing as well as “Cool”. Then, I want to paint the model with Green initially, however, after taking a short tour to insect museum, I have changed my mind and decided to paint my Dragonfly in Red to make it look masculine and strong. Lastly, I added the base for my Dragonfly because It not only ensure my model is stable but the green base also make the Dragonfly even highlighted and interesting.”


Will Vale [Drone Sniper]

“This is my take on the Industria Mechanika Drone Sniper. I bought the model because I liked the cool concept art, but tried to change the feel a little bit. I was inspired by Neill Blomkamp’s early work to build him as a police drone rather than a military combat robot. To get the right look I remodelled the sniper rifle from anti-materiel to anti-personnel and replaced the clip with an energy tank. I also hollowed out the head and body and drilled the eyes for LED lighting. The ‘rabbit ear’ sensor and cable provide the power. I painted the model with lacquers (Tamiya and Alclad) and added a lot of small stencil decals and logos to the body to give the feel of a futuristic commercial product. The base is inspired by photographs of Kliptown in Soweto, and scratchbuilt from florist’s foam and other junk. The tins of prawn flavour cat food are a little nod to District 9.”