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  • This item is a book only and does not come with the kit.What does SM stand for? Single Model (1 model = 1 book) The SM Book Series launches with a most unusual and unique subject for the first book, the FichtenFoo's Fantastical Fish-shaped Submersible...

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  • SM.03 features a big badass robot model from the world of Gundam mecha with the amazing 1/100 Bandai MG Sazabi Custom modified and painted in a very unique RSP way. Plus, as a special bonus, the introduction material will feature a 1/144 Rick Dom Tropen custom painted used to cover various specific painting and weathering techniques prior to tackling the...

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  • SM.02 features a civilian-based project created from the excellent 1/35 Trumpeter Stalinetz S-65 Russian Army tractor kit, with a finish that is designed to explore other realms of possibilities beyond military paint jobs.

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Showing 1 - 3 of 3 items