• Duchess

    Derek Stenning's Duchess

    The incredibly detailed 1/6 scale Duchess is now available for preorder! Designed by Derek Stenning and Gene Campbell!
  • Decals Ship Free!

    Decals ship free!*

    Don't miss out on our extensive collection of waterslide decal sets! Perfect for detailing up your projects! Since they weigh pretty much nothing, they always *ship free with any kit purchase!
  • Stranski Model Kits!

    Stranski Model Kits!

    Unique and fun new line of model kits designed by Lorenzo! and Anna Schmelzer. PREORDER Now!
  • AUG Clyde.A

    FichtenFoo's Clyde.A

    Michael Fichtenmayer's latest mechanical creation is now available for preorder. Check out the additional accessories as well!
  • Zangrahel by Ignacio Fernández Ríos


    Introducing the first kit from Ignacio Fernández Ríos' "Maschinen: Guardians of the Shelter"
  • Ian McQue Wasps Set

    Ian McQue's Wasps

    Now available! Airship set includes 2 scout-flyers with different modifications and pilots, standing pilot figure, etch, decals, and laser-cut parts!
  • Scrap Goblin Lackey

    Scrap Goblin Lackey

    The large and incredibly detailed 175mm Scrap Goblin Lackey is now available!
  • Red Star 47

    Red Star 47

    Christophe Desse's popular Russian-style flyer is back and better than ever. Get yours today!

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Mecha & Robots

Check out our selection of original mecha and robot kits from Michael Herm, Ben Mauro, Christophe Desse, and more!


EK Cosmonauts

by Derek Stenning

Born in Concrete figure model kits by Derek Stenning and 3D modeled by Gene Campbell.


Airships & More

by Ian McQue

Industria Mechanika is your official source for Ian McQue Airships and accessory kits.