• Red Star 47

    Red Star 47

    Christophe Desse's popular Russian-style flyer is back and better than ever. Get yours today!
  • Mushroom Goblin

    Mushroom Goblin

    Adrian Smith and Rishi Nandlaskar's Mushroom Goblin is back in-stock! Comes with real chain mail!
  • EK Cosmonauts

    EK Cosmonaut Series

    All EK Cosmonauts are now available!
  • Zero

    1/35 Zero

    The classic Japanese Zero turned into a mecha by Mitutake Nishimura! Now available!
  • 1/20 Porpoise Figure Set

    1/20 Porpoise Set

    Now available! Detailed and scaled-up versions of two of Christophe Arnolds's 1/35 scale Porpoise Shock Trooper set. This time in 1/20 scale for your MaK and Diorama needs!
  • 1/20 Ground Crew

    1/20 Ground Crew

    Now available! Detailed and scaled-up versions of two of Christophe Desse's 1/35 scale Ground Crew set. This time in 1/20 scale for your MaK and Diorama needs!
  • Krab


    Don't miss out on Christophe Desse's detail-packed Krab Walker. Comes with waterslide decals and 2 figures!
  • FichtenFoo's Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible

    Fish Sub!

    FichtenFoo's Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible is back in-stock and available for immediate shipment!
  • The Hornethopter

    The Hornethopter

    Scourge of the dirigible! Woe of the mighty airships! The Hornethopter takes to the big blue sky and is the bane of all who sail it. Steampunk inspired 1/35 scale model kit.

EK Cosmonauts

by Derek Stenning

Born in Concrete figure model kits by Derek Stenning and 3D modeled by Gene Campbell.


Airships & More

by Ian McQue

Industria Mechanika is your official source for Ian McQue Airships and accessory kits.


Latest iMech News

August 25, 2015

Visit our blog to see the latest Industria Mechanika product news. Current update features iMecha Monday with new release info about Ben Mauro and Michael Herm mecha and more!

  • Go on patrol with this awesome quadrupedal mecha by Michael Herm.

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  • From concept artist Adrian Smith and 3D artist Rishi Nandlaskar (team that brought you the Frankenstein) comes the Chrononaut. A steampunk styled time traveling hunter standing upon his trophy. This large 1/8 scale resin figure kit will come with wire and photoetch to complete.

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  • From Christophe Desse, creator of the Red Star 47 and Estafette. Note: The figures shown are from our Ground Crew and Flight Ready figure sets. KRBL-TR Scout Walker will come with new figures for driver, and turret, but the KRBL-TR will work many of our figure sets.

    In Stock
  • An all new 3-figure series by Derek Stenning and Gene Campbell, the team-up that brought you Dystopic! This series of 1/8 scale figures will be released throughout 2014. Each will have a laser-etched base which will interlock with the other two. The first is 95% ready for printing so watch for him in early 2014!

    In Stock