• Scrap Goblins

    Scrap Goblin Engineer

    The incredible 175mm Scrap Goblin Engineer is now now available for PREORDERS!
  • Ben Mauro's Gorilla

    The Gorilla

    Now available for PREORDERS! This realistic posable mecha drone by Ben Mauro comes with 1 figure and decals.
  • Ian McQue Wasps Set

    Ian McQue's Wasps

    Now available for PREORDERS! Airship set includes 2 scout-flyers with different modifications and pilots, standing pilot figure, etch, decals, and laser-cut parts!
  • Michael Herm's Knight

    The Knight

    Michael Herm's latest mecha comes with a choice of weapon arm load-outs! Artillery, Vulcan, Rocket Launcher in 7 different pairs and combinations.
  • EK Cosmonauts

    EK Cosmonaut Series

    All EK Cosmonauts are now available!
  • Zero

    1/35 Zero

    The classic Japanese Zero turned into a mecha by Mitutake Nishimura! Now available!
  • FichtenFoo's Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible

    Fish Sub!

    FichtenFoo's Fantastical Fish-Shaped Submersible is back in-stock and available for immediate shipment!
  • The Hornethopter

    The Hornethopter

    Scourge of the dirigible! Woe of the mighty airships! The Hornethopter takes to the big blue sky and is the bane of all who sail it. Steampunk inspired 1/35 scale model kit.

EK Cosmonauts

by Derek Stenning

Born in Concrete figure model kits by Derek Stenning and 3D modeled by Gene Campbell.


Airships & More

by Ian McQue

Industria Mechanika is your official source for Ian McQue Airships and accessory kits.


Latest iMech News

Nov 12, 2016

Visit our blog to see the latest Industria Mechanika product news. Current update features Knight, Gorilla, Scrap Goblins, and Wasp!

  • YES! You've been asking for one and we're excited to announce a new 1/6 Cosmonaut figure by Derek Stenning! As you can see, Duchess is the counterpart to our 1/6 Dystopic piece and will look amazing on her own or beside him. The 3D sculpting is in development so we expect to have her ready for preorders in the 2nd half of 2017.

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  • SM.03 features a big badass robot model from the world of Gundam mecha with the amazing 1/100 Bandai MG Sazabi Custom modified and painted in a very unique RSP way. Plus, as a special bonus, the introduction material will feature a 1/144 Rick Dom Tropen custom painted used to cover various specific painting and weathering techniques prior to tackling the...

    PRE-ORDER ONLY! (ETA: 2.15.2017)
  • Born in Concrete was undertaken to dispel Derek Stenning's biases towards expressive art, overcome his own perceived limitations and to rejuvenate his creative spirit. This collision of Soviet inspired retro sci-fi and Jewish mystical and qabalistic symbolism has evolved into a filter, or framework, that emotions, ideas and images are pushed through to be...

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  • Fifty-four artists contribute to this amazing third installment of the popular Nuthin’ But Mech book series, based on the eponymous blog started by designer Lorin Wood in 2009 to create a place for his friends, colleagues, and acquaintances to share a common passion: robots.

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  • From the team that brought you the Chrononaut and the Mushroom Goblin comes the Scrap Goblins! This 1:1 scale boss engineer goblin kit comes decked out with lots of scrappy details and is ready to hunt down his next shiny treasure. Pair with the Scrap Goblin Lackey kit for an unstoppable tech-hunting team.

    PRE-ORDER ONLY! (ETA: 7.25.2017)
  • By the team that brought you our acclaimed Frankenstein and Chrononaut figures come this fun 1:1 scale Mushroom Goblin figure. This figure will come with the mushroom base, additional small mushrooms, and of course real chain mail!Since it's 1:1 scale, you can go crazy with groundwork using real materials, gradd, wood and more!

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  • From concept artist Adrian Smith and 3D artist Rishi Nandlaskar (team that brought you the Frankenstein) comes the Chrononaut. A steampunk styled time traveling hunter standing upon his trophy. This large 1/8 scale resin figure kit will come with wire and photoetch to complete.

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  • Another amazing creation by Christophe Desse, designer behind the Red Star 47 and many of our figure sets. This 1/35 scale roadster comes with three figures and two different sets of tires for either mag-rims or photoetched wire rims.

    In Stock