• Nivanh Chanthara's O.S.K.A.R.


    From mechanical concept artist Nivanh Chanthara and 3D artist Marquo Plouffe comes the O.S.K.A.R.! This dynamic 1/8 scale figure kit comes with decals, base, and trio of minions.
  • Ian McQue Wasps Set

    Ian McQue's Wasps

    Now available! Airship set includes 2 scout-flyers with different modifications and pilots, standing pilot figure, etch, decals, and laser-cut parts!
  • Dystopic


    Derek Stenning's amazing 1/6 scale Dystopic kit sculpted by Gene Campbell is back in-stock and shipping while supplies last!
  • Scrap Goblin Lackey

    Scrap Goblin Lackey

    The large and incredibly detailed 175mm Scrap Goblin Lackey is now available!
  • Scrap Goblins

    Scrap Goblin Engineer

    The incredibly detailed 175mm Scrap Goblin Engineer is now available! Designed by Adrian Smith and Rishi Nandlaskar.
  • Ben Mauro's Gorilla

    Ben Mauro's Gorilla

    Now shipping! This realistic posable mecha drone by Ben Mauro comes with 1 figure and decals.
  • Michael Herm's Knight

    The Knight

    Michael Herm's latest mecha comes with a choice of weapon arm load-outs! Artillery, Vulcan, Rocket Launcher in 7 different pairs and combinations.
  • Red Star 47

    Red Star 47

    Christophe Desse's popular Russian-style flyer is back and better than ever. Get yours today!
  • Zero

    1/35 Zero

    The classic Japanese Zero turned into a mecha by Mitutake Nishimura! Now available!
  • The Hornethopter

    The Hornethopter

    Scourge of the dirigible! Woe of the mighty airships! The Hornethopter takes to the big blue sky and is the bane of all who sail it. Steampunk inspired 1/35 scale model kit.

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EK Cosmonauts

by Derek Stenning

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