We get a lot of questions via email... mostly about when items are going to in stock or shipping. Check below for answers so these FAQs before contacting us please. Thanks!

Shipping »

How can I track my package? The tracking number you recieved from our USPS shipping service should work fine IN the USA. Outside of the US though, we recommend a free international package tracking site like Track Trace.

When will my items ship? All in-stock orders will typically ship within 3 business days of the order being placed. If the item you ordered was a preorder item, please check the item page for an estimated shipping date.

I ordered both Preorder and In-Stock items... how will they ship? Typically when ordering a preorder and in-stock item in the same order, we will hold all items until available for shipping and ship together. If you would like to have In-Stock items ship immediately, please place a separate order for them or contact us to request this service inquire about the additional shipping costs.

How much is shipping for _____? If the item is listed in the shop, add it to your cart, add an address and it will calculate shipping based on one of our carriers. Our shipping is weight-based to ensure fair, accurate pricing.

Why is international shipping so much more than domestic USA shipping? Honestly, I wish I knew! Of the three major carriers, the USPS is cheaper than FedEx or UPS for international shipping. (domestic too) For international shipments, the cost increases dramatically when the parcel exceeds 4lbs. It's usually a $10-$15 increase which sucks, but is still less expensive than FedEx and UPS.

What's my International Tracking Number? If you selected EMS or Priority Mail International, your package is trackable. You should recieve an email with your tracking number when your order ships. Regular USPS shipping, while very reliable for getting packages to their destinations, doesn't offer reliable tracking.

Who do you use for shipping? Us use the USPS aka the United States Postal Service., Priority Mail International and EMS. The USPS is cheaper than FedEx or UPS for domestic and international shipping and so far has done a very good job for us.

Sale Items »

I missed the sale, can I have the discount still, or refunded? We're sorry, but our sales are random and infrequent at best so on the rare occasion that we do have a sale, you'll have to act fast or miss it.

Store »

I tried and I didn't get an email to change/reset my password. Check your spam folder first. Also, Hotmail and Yahoo mail are very finicky about what it considers spam and occasionally they don't deliver our emails at all. Contact us to change your email address to NOT one of those if necessary.

Products »

When will _____ be available to order? Occasionally we'll announce really exciting products or collaborations months in advance of actual product launches. We try our best to include an estimated release date, but occasionally that can get pushed back. We want to make sure we deliver the best possible product both in design and production. Please watch the iMech blog as well as the iMech Facebook page for the most up-to-date info on our releases.

Why is so much out of stock? We're working on speeding up the restock process, but we've got a limited amount of production resources to work with at the moment. We try to release one new product each month while restocking two existing products. Also keeping/producing extra stock can take funds away from developing new products. We're balancing and improving as fast and as best we can so please bear with us.

Can you email me when a product is in stock/back in stock? Subscribe to our newsletter (located on the store footer) and you'll get an email with stock updates.

How can I order _____? Go to the iMech Shop and if the item you want is in-stock, add the item to cart. If the item is not in stock, sign up for the newsletter (located on the store footer) to get an email when that and other items will be available for ordering/preordering.

I preorderd _____, what's taking so long? We try to not accept preorders for items more than a month ahead of it's expected shipping date. Production delays can and do happen however and when they do we'll post about the nature of the delay both on the blog and Facebook page. The Facebook page is an especially great place to up-to-the-minute updates. Typically we'll post there before the blog.

What can I do about a broken/missing part? We hope this never happens and it's been rare so far, but in case you receive a broken part, Please contact us as soon as possible with a description and your order number and we'll replace the broken piece. If it's a broken part, you'll need to provide a photo as well. Note: We are not responsible to parts broken while attempting modifications or clean-up/painting. In the highly unlikely event that your entire kit (or a large expensive part) needs replaced, we insist that the offending kit be sent back to us for inspection before issuing a replacement. This allows us to inspect the kit as well as protect us from those unscrupulous few who have tried to get a 2nd kit for free this way. We will cover cost of shipping of course.

General/Misc. »

Where are you located? We are officially located in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, which is where we ship from. However our vendors and collaborators are scattered across the globe.

Can I be a distributor for Industria Mechanika Products? We're sorry, but in order to keep our prices as low as possible, we no not mark up products enough to sell to dealers/resellers.

What is "iMech"? iMech is short for Industria Mechanika. Much easier to type quickly and correctly and sounds just as cool.

Where can I get tips on building model kits? Check out some of my tutorials on FichtenFoo.com as well as the FichtenFooForums Model Help forum which has a TON of fantastic modelers and information.

Collaborations »

I have an idea. Can you produce this for me? What we typically do for our official iMech releases is to connect concept artists and model-makers to produce products for sale in our shop. We get 10-20 requests a week and as you can imagine do not have time/resources to produce them all. We do however have the resources set aside for client-related work. If you feel your idea can make the cut, please contact us!

Do you do production work for other companies? Yes we do! Please contact us with your product information and we'll get you a production quote. Please note that there is a set-minimum amount that must be ordered depending on the type of piece. This is due to production costs and set-up.

I sent you an email regarding collaboration but have not received a reply. When can I expect one? During a typical week, we receive 10-20 requests to collaborate from modelers and artists. We try to reply to all of them, but we also have a lot of production work to do as well. Please allow 7-10 days for a reply. If you don't hear back from us, please try again. We can't produce everyones works, but if it's an amazing piece that our customers will love we'll definitely put it in the schedule.

How do collaborations work? When we receive an exceptionally cool piece of design that would make for an excellent kit, we'll start the collaboration process. This usually starts by connecting the Concept Artist with one of our interested 3D/Traditional Sculptors. (if necessary... sometimes the artist and modeler are the same person) iMech works with the collaborators to design a castable model kit ready for 3D printing or in the case of sculpting, traditionally, ready for casting. iMech funds the costs of the production work and the collaborators get a share in the profits from the sales of their kits. Most of us involved do it more for the love of the hobby and because we want to see our stuff produced as kits for others to enjoy. It's like a labor of love with a cash bonus.