What do we do?

Our primary goal is to produce and promote really cool original model designs. Everything seen here is original designs by their original creators. We help modelers turn what might have been a one-off project into original products that everyone can enjoy.

We take original masters, produce them into top-notch resin kit releases, design print materials, pack, sell and ship worldwide. The artists get a share of the profits and recognition for their works and everyone can get something uniquely cool to build.

Cool Original Stuff!

No Star Wars, Gundam, Transformers, Frankenstein, conversion sets, etc… we promote and value originality. Browse through our shop and try something new. Or if you’ve got a great idea for a model design, be it figures, mecha (robots) vehicles, space craft, etc., and we think it’s something people will want to build, we can work with you to get your design into production.

Collaboration is Key!

Do you have a cool master you’d like produced, but don’t know where to begin or can not invest in the production? Do you have great scratchbuilding and sculpting skills, but can’t come up with something you think would make a cool kit release? Are you a concept artist who’d like to see their work made into a scale model kit? Do you need a 3D designer/printer to get a certain difficult part just right for your master? Need a graphic artist for your product materials? We can hook you up and together make something interesting.